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Safety on Halloween

Trick or Treat!
Trick or Treat!
author copyright, 2009

When you have little kids, keeping them happy, warm and safe on Halloween is the priority, but it can be a little difficult when it's cold, snowy and dark. Here are a few safety tips to consider while trick or treating!

1. Stay with them. This sounds obvious, I know, but when little kids are trying to be big kids it can be tempting, and frequently a good idea, to give them a little independence. This is not the time to do so though. For kids under 6 walk with them, or send an older sibling, to the door. For kids over 6, stay on the sidewalk or in a vehicle but keep them in sight at all times.

2. Reflective pieces. Especially for dark costumes, put a strip of reflective tape on the back of their costumes so that vehicles can see them better.

3. Keep your phone with you. If you have a cell, keep it with you just in case.

4. Follow all rules. Set rules and stick to them. Make sure your older child knows what time to be home and make sure your younger children are looking both ways, etc.

5. Stay close to home. Or drive but make sure you don't wander on foot too far. Little kids get tired easily.

6. Go at dusk or just before. Make sure you aren't taking really little ones out too late, when the partiers are out more.

7. Keep them warm. Very important of course.

8. Inspect all candy before your child eats it.

9. Make sure the costume isn't too long or too tight and ensure they can see properly and breathe properly.