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Safer Streets 2011: We are not supervised; We do the supervising. Republicans, call your office.


  • madashell 5 years ago

    John the founding fathers believed that an armed society was a civil society.

    They also believe that we the people needed a checks and balance between our respective governments and the bad guys.

    I have tried to tell people they will have safe streets when that checks and balance is restored, but sadly the fear factor remains. (It’s hard to believe but in Illinois some people think the FOID card is keeping them safe)

    John I believe that supporting gun control in the name of being tough on crime is the same as giving up liberty in the name peace and security.

    The two go hand in hand like twiddle Dee and twiddle dumb, with the emphasis on the dumb part.

  • Longenecker, L.A. Gun Rights Examiner 5 years ago

    The key is for a few millions of gun owners out of 90 million gun owners speak to non-gun owner-Americans about what 2A is reallyall about: the independence of persons as the sovereign. This discouarges liberal policies on their face. With gun control, the most good-hearted person can be duped into believing anything in the way of bigger government.

    Unwind gun control and you unwind the phoney premise for all sorts of costly anti-violence programs and begin to reduce the size of government. As long as gun control stands, the incoming Congress will continue to find reasons to keep big government big and change nothing. It feeds too many people.

    Gun control is the underpinning of all dependency progams that came after. Gun control had to come first before dependency in this country could even take hold.

  • jrp1947 5 years ago

    John, you are expecting a part of the elite power structure, republicans, to turn on itself and restore power to the people they have distrusted for no valid reason and that is simply not going to happen. Our forefathers had to take that power back violently from King George and I do not think the modern day despots including our president are going to relinguish power any easier. They will throw you a small bone from the table of power distract you until they can find some reason to declare a national emergency and suspend voting for elected officials saying "trust us" as they prepare to do exactly what the Nazi's did back in the 1930's. Until the horrors of what is going on strikes the non-gun owners and they get mad/scared enough to want to own a gun nothing is going to change. And the national media is not going to risk it's favored position with the politicians to report abuses now anymore than it has since the courts became dominion of the politicians where they select and vote for the judges and not the people. Change will not occur until people force the change and the longer they wait the more likely it will become violent.

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