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Safer Streets 2011: The Tucson Shooting, Part II: Year of the sovereign citizen?


  • jrp1947 5 years ago

    Arizona is much more liberal in its gun laws than California and the surprising thing about the shooting was no one in the crowd apparently had a gun on them even though it would have been far more likely in Arizona than in California. Critics think that by opening up concealed weapons permit that everyone will want one. Maybe that will be the case at first and that creates a stream of revenue for the sheriffs. But how many are going to carry guns when they get them. Very few. Try wearing a gun under your armpit or in a belt holster all day and keep it concealed well enough that no one knows you have it on. Or have fifty cops come out and check you out because fifty people reported you with a concealed gun. People who get concealed weapons permits do not get them to wear a gun around and play tough guy. They get concealed weapons permits for special ocassions and needs. It might have been nice if the guys standing next to the shooter had guns because they might have been able to save more people including a nine year old girl. One man with a concealed weapons permit and his own gun might have saved some of those victims.

  • John Liberty 5 years ago

    Have a CCW permit and its easy to keep a compact Glock concealed on yr person. You moronic fool

  • Mama Liberty 5 years ago

    jrp1947, nobody in that crowd needed any "permit" to carry a gun, either concealed or openly. All they needed was the desire, and the guts to do so.

    Some reports say the "good Samaritans" were armed, some say not. If they were, I don't know why the shooter was allowed to harm so many before he was stopped. Evidently, armed or not, nobody took a shot at HIM. How many more might have been saved if they had done so?

    Then consider the possibility that if many people in that crowd had been openly armed, the shooter might just have gone away without making a sound.

    I'm a past middle aged lady who carries a gun every day, everywhere I go. I'm also a certified instructor for pistols and self defense. My greatest hope is that any criminal who sees me goes away quietly. But if they do not, I'm ready to do what I can to defend myself and those immediately around me. And I'm not alone in that, by any means.

    That, to my mind, is proactive self defense.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    You guys know there were armed people there, right?

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