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Safer Streets 2011: How the first amendment protects the second amendment.

My Newsletter topic today is critical thinking as a safeguard of our sovereignty. I am joined today by Newt Gingrich, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, David Codrea and Gerard Valentino. Thanks to all my readers who answered my reader poll. Opt-in to my Safer Streets Newsletter and Commentary here.  (Registration does not ask for personal information.)

A lot of liberty purists show how the second amendment protects all the others: this is all true, but other amendments protect the second, including the tenth amendment and the first amendment.

One question where second amendment critical analysis can respond is the carping interrogatory of whether the second amendment allows atomic weapons. Of course, that's crafted more to vex gun owners than be a serious interest, but the best thing to do is answer that. The answer is yes.

The answer is not whether we carry them or keep and bear thermonuclear devices, but whether we have any genuine custody, care and control of them. Legally, yes. We already have oversight of Congress, the United States Military, all of law enforcement, and citizen arrest. We own the nuclear weapons and we control them as we control the Congress.

But it is here that we see the illuminating nature of the answer: the American people are the sovereign in this country; it is what makes America exceptional, among other things. If the chickens come home to roost, it is we who rule the roost, awaiting the best of the best. (That's another issue, isn't it?)

For, the complaint of the sovereign is that Congress forgets this. This is expected to change in January, 2011. As the sovereign, we tell them what we want and there ought to be no quarrel with that: Heck,. A lot of Congress Critters agree!!

The problem is that some of our servants whom we oversee and direct prefer to refuse and to quarrel with our authority over them. Americans are not anti-government, too many servants are anti-sovereign, and they say so brazenly. There are too many patriots in our governments, really, for any citizens to be anti-government.

The accusation of anti-government is yet another example of smear which can be neutralized by some classy critical thinking. If I may say so, for those of us who know that we are the sovereign, it is not technically possible to overthrow the government, since we control the government. It is the recalcitrance of officials who upset things and who frame the issue as hateful.

Every American needs to follow second amendment coverage in 2011. My core message is that the health of the second amendment is the primary indicator of the overall health of the nation, and for all Americans - gun owner or not. Even if you do not know anything about guns, you are a beneficiary of the sovereignty of Americans when it is respected by our public servants.

Repeal guns laws and you can begin to unwind billions and billions in policies sold to us on sloganeering, smear, emotion, frauds, force of the State and contempt, and instruct Congress and other governments on just how we want the monies directed. We may even urge them to return those monies to the people.

Hm. That's a thought.

But it won't even get up steam unless and until gun control is banned and the frauds trying to replace the armed citizen are discredited as worthless. Costly, but worthless.

If you really want smaller government, you'll have to repeal gun laws first, or costly programs will find an immortal justification in defying sovereign authority.

The armed citizen is the most direct, due process, lawful and non-violent first step back to smaller government. For more, go to


  • madashell 4 years ago

    John I fully support your view that we need to repeal gun control laws.

    I also believe we need to focus on the crime and not the instrument used in the crime.

    Supporting gun control laws in the name of being tough on crime when these laws include victimless paper violations is stupid and counter productive

    I also believe that we need to go back to the notion that if someone commits a crime and they do their time, then they should be allowed back into society as a freeman with ALL of the privileges and immunities of a freeman.

    What we have today is a revolving door for people; the system is designed to create criminals thus keeping our prisons full of cheap labor.

    We need to get back to an understanding of liberty and justice in this country and stop filling up our prison with people that committed paper work violations and other victimless crimes.

  • Bruce 4 years ago

    Dear madashell,

    Suggest visiting following link and reading pages 30,31, 32 (and the rest of the document as time and interest permit): I, too, once thought along similar lines as you, but nothing will set your mind right like correct facts, namely that most (two-thirds) of violent crime is committed by repeat offenders who were known by their victims(p. 30). Almost 95% of gun murder is gang related (p 32-Homicide trends in the United States, Bureau of Justice Statistics, January 17 2007). Again, I would encourage you to read as much of this document as possible - and pay attention to the the footnotes as many are straight from govt sources but almost never given any notice by the mainstream media. Best regards in developing critical thinking skills - never an easy task to master but oh, so rewarding when one recognizes rightly written material.

    Yours in Christ,

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