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Safer Streets 2011: How the first amendment protects the second amendment.


  • madashell 5 years ago

    John I fully support your view that we need to repeal gun control laws.

    I also believe we need to focus on the crime and not the instrument used in the crime.

    Supporting gun control laws in the name of being tough on crime when these laws include victimless paper violations is stupid and counter productive

    I also believe that we need to go back to the notion that if someone commits a crime and they do their time, then they should be allowed back into society as a freeman with ALL of the privileges and immunities of a freeman.

    What we have today is a revolving door for people; the system is designed to create criminals thus keeping our prisons full of cheap labor.

    We need to get back to an understanding of liberty and justice in this country and stop filling up our prison with people that committed paper work violations and other victimless crimes.

  • Bruce 5 years ago

    Dear madashell,

    Suggest visiting following link and reading pages 30,31, 32 (and the rest of the document as time and interest permit): I, too, once thought along similar lines as you, but nothing will set your mind right like correct facts, namely that most (two-thirds) of violent crime is committed by repeat offenders who were known by their victims(p. 30). Almost 95% of gun murder is gang related (p 32-Homicide trends in the United States, Bureau of Justice Statistics, January 17 2007). Again, I would encourage you to read as much of this document as possible - and pay attention to the the footnotes as many are straight from govt sources but almost never given any notice by the mainstream media. Best regards in developing critical thinking skills - never an easy task to master but oh, so rewarding when one recognizes rightly written material.

    Yours in Christ,

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