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Safer Streets 2011: Guns in the homes of others.

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I just commented on a website called Wilton Patch. It talks about asking the question of whether one has a gun in the home before you let your kids play over there. I commented:

"Obviously, the solution is not to ruin relationships with neighbors, but to educate kids in how to react when they see a gun in a home. Don't touch it, call an adult, etc. etc. You train your kids.

The problem with anti-gun persons who prefer to sever relationships rather than educate their kids or supervise them is that it leaves one hazard in place in their own home: they have just telegraphed the entire neighborhood that they will not protect their loved ones.

Without serious-minded preparation, without serious-minded force in their own home, they have announced that they cannot be depended on to protect wife and kids in time of violent crime.

They might as well be in denial about fire extinguishers. (One could go off and spray carbon dioxide all over the water heater!!)

No gun in the home means no serious preparedness in the home. (Burglars and home invaders aren't intimidated by a kitchen knife or broomhandle.)

I wouldn't point to numbers of accidental shootings; I prefer to point to those people who are in the Emergency Room having been beaten half to death.

Or worse. Don't get me started."

Too late, I'm started. One of the most understated truths about anti-gun people is how they fail to comprehend what they are saying out loud. "Sweetheart, sir, or madam: You know how I feel about guns. What I mean to say on the record, my love, is that you cannot count on me to protect you and the kids. When I am against guns, we won't have one in this house, either. Don't depend on me to protect my loved ones."

And you'd better believe it. Crime is not fought by gun control, crime is fought the moment it strikes, or it wins that round. This is why you can find people seriously injured by violence. You can also find reports of old ladies who refuse to be a victim: they have a sidearm which they bring to bear to even things out a bit. Some call it an Equalizer. Translation: crimes which did not happen because they were stopped.

Emergency Rooms may see beatings and rapes among an awful lot of violence, but what they do not see are the millions (yes, millions) of acts of violence every single year which did not happen, thanks to the person who refuses to be a victim.

These persons who refuse to be a victim are right next to you in your neighborhood, never causing trouble, never going postal. They may carry a concealed handgun and you'd never know it.

Only they will never have to look their loved ones in the eye and shun the responsibility they have for protecting the only thing that means everything to them and their community.

Guns in the homes of others are what will bring the community safer streets and smaller government. Trying to talk your whole neighborhood into being defenseless is not something you want to let get around. Say it out loud about your house, look your loved ones in the eye if you like, but realize what it is you're really saying. 

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  • Mama Liberty 4 years ago

    Absolutely, John. But even further effort is needed. It's not enough to have "Daddy" all tricked out to "protect his loved ones." He's not going to BE THERE much of the time. His wife and cognitively competent children must ALSO understand self defense and refuse to be a victim even when nobody else is there to protect them. It really needs to be mutual, a true family affair.

    And they all need to work hard to become trained and proficient (age and ability appropriate) with both the gun and every other self defense measure. Just owning a gun makes you ready for self defense like owning a stove makes you a chef.

  • John Longenecker, the GRE who works here.. 4 years ago

    To Mama Liberty: Ab-so-LUTE-ly! I wrote last month that we cannot have any independence without a second amendment, and we can't have a second amendment without an aggregate of values which have long operated as safeguards of our liberty. This includes Marriage and Family, and that means opposing fatherless homes. Some may call this intolerance, but they're opposing American values which protect us.

    It's up to America to hear the voices standing up for independence and see the difference from those who want to silence them.

  • Drgnfli 4 years ago

    Excellent point of view! Put out there in the most basic of words for those that do not understand the difference between calling 911 & being the person in charge of protecting your loved ones and property.

  • Scott Drummond 4 years ago

    I don't want any anti-gunner even in my home; so the gunk-minded libtards have not that worry with me! Just go away1

  • Rene H. Koch 4 years ago

    Here is the comment I posted on Wilton Patch. Do you suppose they will understand the comparison?

    "You have a DOG in your house?! Do you keep it locked up and away from children? My child has no experience with live animals in a house, and I have no interest in teaching them how to deal with something so dangerous. With the number of dog-bitten children on the rise every year, I would have to insist that they play at my house where the guns won't jump out and injure them. "

  • Tom Price 4 years ago

    To Rene Koch; Great comparision!! well thought out and could very well get a few non gun owners thinking.

  • GunOwner 4 years ago

    The issue at hand in the topic/discussion was that the writer fears and does not understand firearms and responsible ownership. What she/he and many in our society need to unbderstand is that our job as parents is to teach our children and instruct them how to be safe and how to survive in this world. We must realize that we cannot coddle and shield them from all dangers in present in society. It is our job as parents to give them the tools and knowledge they need to be safe and survive.
    I grew up with firearms in the home before there was such things as trigger locks and gun safes. We were taught as children the safe use and proper handling of firearms. We were taught to respect the dangers inherent in firearms. We were taught responsibility, and respect of the firearms and the dangers of improper use, we were not taught to fear, We were given knowlege & None of us were ever injured by a firearm.
    Both of my children were taught in this manner, I would trust either of them to act safely and responsibly with a firearm, whether I'm present or not.
    It's the same as when teaching your children about the dangers of fire or matches, the dangers of electricity, or about crossing the street, or anything else for that matter, you teach them what they need to know to be safe and responsible. You give them the tools they need. To do anything else as a parent is irresponsible.

  • jrp1947 4 years ago

    I have trained my daughters on how to use my guns when I am not around and when it is proper to bring one out. They were raised around guns and so were the neighbors kids who came over. I suspect the parents sent their kids over because I was as hard as nails about proper gun control and handling. Nobody refused to come to my house because I had guns. Several times I was called right after 911 because my neighbors knew it might be several minutes before the cops arrived and those were critical minutes. I never critized them for not having guns and they never critized me for having them. But we all believe in the second amendment and freedom of choice. Guns are a serious hobby/business and the penaltiesare strict for misuse as they should be. Outside of a car it is the deadliest item you can own. Remember more deaths are caused by cars and doctors every year. Has anyone tried outlawing those two?

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