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Safer Streets 2011: Guns on campus for killers, but not for loving parents.

Another shooting in school, this time in Gardena, CA. This one is reported to be an accidental shooting thanks to a kid who brought a gun to school in a backpack. The gun went off when the backpack was dropped and two kids are transported to surgery.

What went wrong this time?

Every single criminal or negligent shooting is a failure of gun control.

So much for rules of safety from non-gun owners. Perhaps, as educators, they could take a lesson from gun owners on gun safety.

The safety factor might have worked better if the system weren't steered to the wrong goals. Impractical, impossile goals. The defect is in believing troubled kids will obey the rules; the only people who obey the rules are those for whom the rules should never even be written.

I'm eager to learn what made a kid even bring a gun to school. You know, the back story.

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  • Profile picture of themossie
    themossie 4 years ago

    Did you read any articles about this school shooting? It was an accidental discharge from a gun in the student's backpack.. Armed adults would have not changed the outcome in the slightest

    I'm absolutely anti-gun control. This tragic shooting has nothing to do with gun control.

  • John, L.A. Gun Rights Examiner 4 years ago

    Yer right. I'm changing the argument.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    that city is next to compton, surely you know that area?

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