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Safer Streets 2011: Gun control as an intentional interference.

When gun control has its way, people die. Gun control is a policy which is never around when you need it most. It is another case of smothering the life out of personal independence and sovereignty for the thriving of the State. This is competition?

Sometimes, people believe they are voting their conscience when they want to ban guns, but then, some change their minds in the face of facts and greater good they did not consider. Many of the Gun Rights Examiners here are praised for their edifiying readers who did not know what guns are really all about. I know I get  my mail.

Others will never change their minds. As Winston Churchill observed, "A fanatic is one who won't change his mind and won't change the subject." Gun control is fanatic, and will not leave America alone. Gun control is a mix of abuse of process, hostility to the United States, and bad taste. These people will not be persuaded by facts, figures, experience, values or even better judgment. To my way of thinking, they have no conscience to ever reach.

Who loses? The millions of people who did not know of their own right and authority to fight back. Not everyone can muster that sort of resolve, but many can, and one can always come to the aid of another. [If you would, go to for a repository of reports of old ladies, for instance, who have defended themselves with handguns.]  It is this which is hidden and discouraged by the anti-violence, anti-gun movement posing as community safety, and the end result is greater and greater dependency on the State who will never come close to doing as good a job as the armed citizen.

But in 2011, we see not only an affirmation of second amendment rights, but the recognition of the sovereignty of the citizen. Private citizen gunowner, Militia and a young adult emigre to the United States all have a love of due process and know very well that is the path back to official recognition of who is the sovereign. And who will be safer from violence.

Americans do not loathe the system, nor is the system broken; Americans believe in the system and the only way to keep the system of due process is to live it, summon it, and, if necessary, wait for it patiently to work. This means understanding your own sovereignty, your own authorityover officials, and constant involvement. The idea that you have to supervise officials is a bad sign in and of itself, isn't it?

Those who abuse the system of due process are the ones who loathe our way of life and our system. Truly, they cannot politically survive when people are free and do not need them for as much as they would like to 'give'.

It is vital that gun owners and non-gun owners get together and keep the momentum of sovereign authority and independence going throughout 2011 and to keep it forever.

Independence is still a concept some here have never known. This is thanks to liberals who say they will lift our burdens, but lift the freedoms of millions along with them and wind up compelling their utter dependency. (This is no accident: lifting freedoms was the gig all along.)

Independence is a wonderful life. It is not that emigres come to America for opportunity, emigres come to America for Freedom and Independence. Independence makes life tough, somewhat, but free in personal dignity. The thing is that life is a lot tougher in dependency without freedom or dignity.

In depending on the State, in the compelled dependency on the State without alternatives, personal dignity then becomes a concept some here have never known.

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  • E Zach Lee Wright 4 years ago

    Chicago - Extreme gun control
    Washington D.C. - Extreme gun control
    El Paso, TX - not so much

    Chicago has a murder rate 19 times higher than El Paso's. That is a murder "rate", already adjusted for population differences.

    Washington DC is almost exactly the same size as El Paso and its murder rate is 27 times greater for 2010.

    Enough of comparing cities. Lets compare states. According to the Brady Campaign Scorecard, the state with the most gun control laws is California. This state has a murder rate over 400% greater than the state with the LEAST gun control. Hmmm, we seem to be seeing a trend here.

    Comparing nations take look at our closest neighbor to the south. Mexico has a fairly small city known as Juarez. This city had over 2800 murders in 2010. The murder rate is so bad the State Department has issues travel advisories to Mexico. It would take over a half dozen of our biggest cites combined to reach 2800 murders. And Mexico has what? Extreme gun control.

    I have no doubt the gun control crowd intends to reduce the number of murders but their actions will lead to the reverse effect. And I am..... E. Zach Lee-Wright

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    "Americans do not loathe the system, nor is the system broken; Americans believe in the system..."

    Speak for yourself. Many of us do loathe the system. It cannot be cured, redeemed or restored. It was our enemy all along.

  • madashell 4 years ago

    John your one of the few people that I read that understands that our sovereignty is our authority and jurisdiction over our elected servants.

    John the last gasp of the anti-gunners is Mental Health.

    It seems that it doesn’t matter that the vast majority of people suffering from mental illness are no more likely to commit an act of violence than any other demographic group in the country.

    John it appears some people are using mental health for SSI claims to increase their income thus skewing the real number of people suffering from mental health issues

    A three part Boston Globe series last month called “The Other Welfare” explains how families are claiming their children are mentally ill to get benefits and these benefits represent half the family’s income.

    John under the current interpretation of the law one disqualified person in a household disqualifies the entire house-hold; that’s wrong.

    I say the only people that shouldn’t have a gun are those in a mental Hospital, in prison or illegally in the country.

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