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Safer Streets 2011: Gun control as an intentional interference.


  • E Zach Lee Wright 5 years ago

    Chicago - Extreme gun control
    Washington D.C. - Extreme gun control
    El Paso, TX - not so much

    Chicago has a murder rate 19 times higher than El Paso's. That is a murder "rate", already adjusted for population differences.

    Washington DC is almost exactly the same size as El Paso and its murder rate is 27 times greater for 2010.

    Enough of comparing cities. Lets compare states. According to the Brady Campaign Scorecard, the state with the most gun control laws is California. This state has a murder rate over 400% greater than the state with the LEAST gun control. Hmmm, we seem to be seeing a trend here.

    Comparing nations take look at our closest neighbor to the south. Mexico has a fairly small city known as Juarez. This city had over 2800 murders in 2010. The murder rate is so bad the State Department has issues travel advisories to Mexico. It would take over a half dozen of our biggest cites combined to reach 2800 murders. And Mexico has what? Extreme gun control.

    I have no doubt the gun control crowd intends to reduce the number of murders but their actions will lead to the reverse effect. And I am..... E. Zach Lee-Wright

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    "Americans do not loathe the system, nor is the system broken; Americans believe in the system..."

    Speak for yourself. Many of us do loathe the system. It cannot be cured, redeemed or restored. It was our enemy all along.

  • madashell 5 years ago

    John your one of the few people that I read that understands that our sovereignty is our authority and jurisdiction over our elected servants.

    John the last gasp of the anti-gunners is Mental Health.

    It seems that it doesn’t matter that the vast majority of people suffering from mental illness are no more likely to commit an act of violence than any other demographic group in the country.

    John it appears some people are using mental health for SSI claims to increase their income thus skewing the real number of people suffering from mental health issues

    A three part Boston Globe series last month called “The Other Welfare” explains how families are claiming their children are mentally ill to get benefits and these benefits represent half the family’s income.

    John under the current interpretation of the law one disqualified person in a household disqualifies the entire house-hold; that’s wrong.

    I say the only people that shouldn’t have a gun are those in a mental Hospital, in prison or illegally in the country.

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