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Safeguarding the pistol range

Work making shooting recreation safe has been busy at a Dulzura target range.
Work making shooting recreation safe has been busy at a Dulzura target range.
Adam Benjamin

Safety work stays steady at the South Bay Rod & Gun Club firing range at 1020 Marron Valley Road in Dulzura. Ten rounds fired with a 22 caliber pistol hit without worries. Red safety lights volunteers just put in on the main range set up shooters for cautious open shooting.

New buzzers on the range tell shooters a round is over.

Range Safety Officers keep watch on the shooting. Handling guns with a trustworthy grip stays a load on shooters' shoulders. The mission at the South Bay Rod & Gun Club is to "encourage recreational shooting by responsible people." Safe handling guarantees marksmanship matures while it improves.

Responsible recreation at the target range pistol match competitors use to work on marksmanship in groups of 5 to 25, and outshoot their competitors, never gets left up to chance. Shooters handle 22 revolvers, and semi-automatic pistols, only when the Range Safety Officer stands at the firing line.

During Summer, volunteers have been changing the range safety set up. Gates went in with new lights and buzzers. Work on an electrical upgrade handled by SDG&E and AT&T adds additional limits on range shooting. OPen trenches on the main range will stay off limits. Shooters have to keep watch on the trenches. Vehicles stay clear.

Safety starts when shooters enter the DUlzura range. Guns carried in a vehicle are safe and unloaded. California firearms transport law prohibits carrying loaded firearms.

There are no unsafe acts allowed. Work on safety stays steady.

The line continues next week. . . .

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