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Safe Trick or Treating Tips For Kids

Halloween is a fun holiday for everyone. Many children love trick or treating. There are a few tips to help you the safe during this scary holiday.

Check Candy
It is extremely important to check candy before you eat it. Have an adult go through the candy with you determine what is safe and what is not. Be sure to check to see if the are any wrappers missing or anything that looks suspicious. You should also look for holes in the wrappers or any open packages. It is very important to report any suspicious looking candy to the police.

Do Not Enter Anyone's House
When you go trick or treating you should not enter into anyone's house that you don't know. Remember when you were young and you were taught not to go with strangers? That information is important to remember. Even if someone tells you that you can go into their house, don’t do it. This is the best tip to stay safe.

Stay in Safe Neighborhoods
Another safe trick or treating tip is to stay in safe neighborhoods while you are out collecting candy. You could go to local downtown shops and other safe neighborhoods you are comfortable with.

Stay With Groups
If you are trick or treating with a group of people, be sure to stay with your group. It is important to stay with the people you know so you don’t get lost at night.

Use a Flashlight
If your trick or treating times are at night, be sure to keep a flashlight with you if it is dark outside. There are many people that may be driving around and it is important for them to make sure that they see you.

It is important to stay safe while trick or treating this year, and every year.


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