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Safe Summer fun with your dog

Cool Canine Refreshing FUN!!
Cool Canine Refreshing FUN!!

Shopping one early Saturday morning at my local grocery store, I heard the dreaded sound of a dogs bark. I zoned into the sound, and saw a dog locked in a parked car with the windows cracked. Concerned for the dog, I took the time to wait for the owner. As she arrived at her car, I handed her a HOT Cars Kills flyer I keep in my Jeep to distribute. While the young lady loaded her groceries in the car she expressively explained how the little dog was a rescue and meant the world to her. Why would you risk a life and leave “Your Precious World” locked in a HOT chamber?

Don’t Make a Deadly Decision

LEAVE YOUR PET AT HOME in the summer! The temperature inside a car (even with the windows rolled down) can exceed 100 degrees within 10 minutes. Yes, we all want to spend time outdoors with our pets, but it’s too HOT. Taking your dog for a ride in the car is simply not an option. The summer heat is not good for people, so it’s not good for your dog. The pavement is HOT; the sidewalk is HOT and beach sand is SUPER HOT. If you want to spend time outside with your dog wait till the sun has gone down, and temperatures have cooled.

A Cool Dog is a Happy Dog

Find fun ways to beat the heat during the hottest days of the summer. These fun ideas are good for you, your soul, and your dog.

Grab a kiddie pool and fill it with cold water. Sit in it with your preferred pooch and cool off! Relax and enjoy in a tub full of refreshing water. Splash around and have some fun.
Treat yourself and your favorite canine to an ice cream delight. Stop by your local ice cream parlor and indulge in a decadent treat. (You fly and buy a cool treat and let your pet wait patiently at home).
Take your furkid camping or bring the BBQ home. Go camping or plan a BBQ get together at your house with family, friends and other canine kids. Both experiences will wow everyone around you and build a connection between you and your canine.
Make your own pupsicles. Create fun flavors that are healthy and cool to enjoy on those blistering hot summer days. Visit Modern Dog Magazine for great recipes including watermelon, chicken broth, yogurt and bananas.
Your dog will not miss a car ride to the store when you provide other options for entertainment. Enjoy the summer and keep your pet safe from the heat. A cool dog is a happy dog.

When you’re passionate and committed, you can do anything. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this article with others. Please share any comments, story, and event ideas with me at

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