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Safe Paws Keep Paws Safe!

Tis The Season to re-run this article. Cheers!


Safe Paw Makes Paws Safe

Yes, it's that time of year in Minnesota...when we worry about getting rid of all that ice on their sidewalks and driveways.

Pet owners worry about accomplishing this without using dangerous amounts of salt. Salt and other chemicals used to remove ice during the winter can be harmful to cats, dogs, and other animals.

Our furry feline friends may not be out and about as much during the winter, but there can be residuals of ice-clearing salt remaining on your driveway and walkways, and in your grass as well, come the spring. My cats don't go outside this time of year, but the big, lovable tuxedo and butterscotch neighbor-cats don't let winter interfere with their neighborhood rounds.

There is an alternative to salt, however, that I discovered at the local PetSmart [here in Roseville]. It's called Safe Paw, and it is a safe alternative to salt for clearing ice away.

Made by the folks at Gaia Enterprises, it effectively clears ice using a non-salt formula. The manufactures even list a Safety Data Sheet for the product on their website:

How does it work? I took an 8-lb. jug over to my parents' house (when the temps were still WAY below freezing) and applied it to the HUGE 2-month-old overflow glacier that had formed around the back-door steps.

Not only was it easy to apply - I just poured it from its jug - but Safe Paw is rated to work down to -2 degrees F...Not a bad thing for Minne-SNOW-ta, this time of year!

I was liberal with my application, and I was well rewarded. 12-24 hours later the ice flow had completely melted away to bare asphalt on over half of the area I treated. Those areas that were not completely ice-free now had broken up ice that was cut-through well enough that I could walk (carefully, to be sure!) on those areas, and could feel the ice was now gritty and crusty under-foot.

Prices range from $11-$20 for the 8-lb. size, depending on your area. I paid $19.99 for my jug. But I found Safe Paw well worth the price for the performance and safer surfaces it gave me. A second 8-lb. jug went down on the front walkway, and progressed very well.

Not to mention that the driveway is very new, and Safe Paw is also guaranteed safe for your driveway/walkway surfaces; as well as your lawn, garden, and other landscaping.

So...When my neighbor cats go running around this week, and later this Spring, I can rest assured that Safe Paw will make those little cats' paws safe.

Author: Jane Dusek, 2011 / All rights reserved.


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