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Safe, healthy pre-wedding slim-down and Wedding day energy maintenance

Many upcoming brides (and some grooms) are concerned about their weight in the weeks and months leading up to the big day. It’s possible to not only lose a few pounds to look your best, but to stay healthy-and safe-in the process.

According to a Cornell University study of 273 upcoming brides, 70 percent wanted to lose more than 20 pounds before their weddings (some have even taken extreme measures to do so, engaging in liquid-only diets, taking laxatives and using tobacco or drugs-or a combo of both!).

Here’s a few safe ways to shred a few:

Lower Your Sodium Intake-Sodium contributes to water retention, which in turn will make you appear heavier or bloated (it doesn’t always lead to weight gain, but sodium can make it appear so.). Simply cut back on sodium-high food.

Eat More Fiber Instead of Protein. Eat food that will help to fill you up naturally (high-fiber food will create “bulk” in the stomach, thus keeping you full longer. Lean protein is also another good option; it takes longer to digest, thus fighting off hunger pangs).

Increase Your Exercise Routine-Reducing food intake alone will not help weight loss; you need to burn more calories than you consume (try adding more cardiovascular activity to your routine). According to a clinical study from researchers at the University of Padua (Italy), eating a light meal before exercising helps you burn more fat even 24 hours after the exercise.

Eat Smaller Portions. It’s not always about what you eat, but how much; did you know that most restaurants and even home portions are double or triple amounts? When in doubt, try to cut everything in half.

Eat-Initial calorie cutting can help reduce weight, but eventually your body may adapt to your new eating habits or go into “survival mode” (conserving fat reserves!). Fasting sends signals to your body that it’s being starved, which in turn produces a lower metabolic rate (eating anything less than 1,200 calories).

Identify Sources of Empty Calories. A few culprits are soda and fruit juices. Choose all beverages wisely and try to limit your intake to water, teas, and unsweetened drinks (if you must have juice and soda, try to drink them sparingly). Did you know that most alcoholic drinks are 100 calories or more?

Wedding Day Energy Maintenance

A wedding can not only be an all-day event; it can also last well into the night, through the early hours of the next day (some weddings can go for several days!).

Here’s how to keep up the stamina:

Stay Hydrated-Drink water throughout the day (yes, you may have to “go to the bathroom” more often, but you’ll feel better (and you’re flushing out your system, which is always a good thing!).

Don’t Overdo the Caffeine. Caffeine provides only a temporary fix; and after the effects wear out, there’s the “crash.” Instead, go for a brisk walk-or dance at the reception!

Have a Good Breakfast-Consume a combination of carbs and protein (the carbs will give you a burst of energy to keep going, and the protein will keep you feeling full).

And Be Sure to Eat Dinner. With all the activity and things to do, it’s easy to skip this, but don’t; if you’ve paid for it, make it your mission to get a good plateful-and rest your body (and feet) for a few minutes (or longer).

Have Some Snacks On Hand-The time between breakfast and the cocktail hour of a wedding may be a long one; have some trail mix, a banana or other “clean” items-avoid anything messy. Eat the snacks while in transit, if possible.

Did You Know That…..

Overall, the average wedding cost across the U.S. was $29,858.

The average cost of most regions of the U.S. are between $22,000 and $26,000.

The most expensive U.S. weddings were in Manhattan in New York.

Idaho was the least expensive, with an average cost of $16,159.

Sources: “Safe and smart ways to slim down before your wedding”-2013 Bridal Planner-The Vindicator, “How to stay energized throughout your wedding day”- Metro Creative Services, 2014 Bridal Planner-The Vindicator and The Knot 2013 Real Weddings Study

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