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Safe Harbor Announces Tailwaters of Holtwood Dam are Closed to Boating and Fishing

An announcement on the Safe Harbor Water Power website on Saturday Jan. 23rd, states, “The Holtwood fishing area is closed to the public until further notice due to construction and safety concerns”. The SHWPC warns that the area below the dam is in “spill” and approaching the waters on either side of the river is very dangerous. Boaters too are warned to heed the signs upstream from the dam and not come within a mile of the dam.

Shore fishing will be prohibited in the tailrace of the Holtwood Dam until construction is finished; expectedly in 2013. There have been no changes made to fishing or boating regulations at the Safe Harbor Dam or the Muddy Run access.

The construction that is causing PP&L to restrict fishing and boating near the dam is part of a $440 million project aimed at expanding the energy output of the hydroelectric plant. The fish lifts will also be improved and hundreds of jobs created from the project. Along with the improvements to the plant, a fishing pier, improved parking and handicapped access will be created.

To learn more about the closure of the Holtwood tailrace shorelines, please visit the SHWPC website at

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