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Safe Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great way to share time and exercise that is beneficial for the both of you. What is the best type of leash? Really, any leash that you are both comfortable with. If your comfortable with the leash, you will walk you dog more and it will be safer for the both of you.

Leashes come in a variety of styles and lengths .Flexi leads are good if you are in a setting where you can let the dog "roam" and explore somewhat. But in heavy traffic and pedestrian areas, a short leash is required. Chain leashes may look nice, but they are heavier and hard on the hands. If your dog likes to chew the leash, the chain is a good choice as they usually don't like cold hard metal.

Leather leashes are great for the feel, weight, and easy on the hands. That is what many trainers prefer. Most popular are the nylon leashes as they come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. While these are popular you or your dog can get "leash burn."

If your dog is a puller, a muzzle leash may be an option for you.

Remember to stay off the flower beds and many bulbs and flowers are poisonous to your dog. Also, a dog that jumps on strangers or others is not welcoming and teach your pet good manners.

Dog walking is both physically healthy and mentally for his health and yours. During summer months be aware of hot pavement risks and heat exhaustion tips. Keep hydrated and take breaks in the shade of a tree. During winter, remember for you both to stay warm and be careful of slippery or slick conditions.

Have fun, stay safe with these helpful tips.

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