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Safe: DHS buying more than 100,000 sniper rounds

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On Feb. 7, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted a solicitation order for 141,160 rounds of .308 Winchester rounds, which is used for long range rifles.

The powerful rounds are also sold under the name "Zombie Max."

The order reads:

Solicitation Number HSCEMS-14-Q-00004 is hereby issued as a Request for Quote (RFP) to procure Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP Ammunition.

Obviously, these are not 'self-defense' rounds as DHS has claimed in the past over large ammunition purchases. The only purpose of so-called sniper ammunition, is to kill people at long distances.

Of course, two years ago, the DHS began purchasing large stockpiles of ammunition, weapons and even Mine Resistant Protected vehicles (otherwise known as 'urban tanks'), with no explanation for the buildup.

Today, the agency's ammunition purchases under the Obama administration, total more than 2 billion rounds.

Ironically, this most recent DHS purchase order was issued only two days before a fire erupted at the Winchester ammunition plant in East Alton, Ill.

The cause of that fire has yet to be determined.