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Safe Date Smart Date: First date tips for where to meet after 50 dating advice

Online dating is a fully mature industry now, not like back in 1995 when you needed to be covert about where you met the hot guy you’re dating or how you hooked up with that great gal who became your lady friend.

That said, as a mature industry, you do still need to protect yourself, your personal and professional information you so date smart and date safer online.

First Date Meet and Greet
Why Guys need to meet near the Woman and not meet halfway.
Many modern singles desire to save time when seeking to find love while digital dating. However, often when you put practicality before romance in digital dating, you rob yourself of the etiquette of love which fosters the heart. The heart needs some TLC. Stop being too practical and remember to use good manners and etiquette.

Do apply this when you select the first date venue. Too many singles agree to “meet halfway.” However, it’s not only better manners and marvelous time for the man to display his gentleman considerateness; it’s also safer for the lady if they meet near her.

She needs to already be well-versed with the path from her car to the first date venue. Sure, many suburban areas the restaurant has a parking lot of its own. But in many of the metropolitan areas, she’ll have to use a separate parking lot and walk to the restaurant. She needs to know that route already to protect her personal safety. Safer dating isn’t only about the behavior between the dates, it’s also everyone else on the road, on the sidewalk and in the restaurant.

Guys, you score so many gentleman good manners points with her when she’s used to the convenience clods expecting her to “meet halfway” and you instead offer, “Let’s meet somewhere near you. Where do you like? Where would you feel comfortable?” She’ll cite a few options. She knows you need to manage your wallet, so she leaves the final choice to you. Check the menu prices, and then invite her to one of those or somewhere right nearby.

When you do that, you immediately establish yourself with her a quality guy, and you protect her personal safety. Who says chivalry is dead?

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