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Be Proactive Practice Safety
Be Proactive Practice Safety
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NASHVILLE, TN Overall a pretty nice Fourth of July weekend we celebrated our new pergola filled with plants and as they say in Music City with a cool drink. I know that at times many of my alerts may border on a lack of something else to preach about but that is not the case with my Safe at Home Campaign. A fire breaks out almost immediately emergency alerts and calls are made and I know there is nothing more important to you than your family's safety. Well is your home safe? Have you practiced with your family what to do if there ever was a fire? Have you really checked your smoke detectors and the batteries are you just hoping they work when needed?

We have to take Fire Safety Seriously, if you don't your family won't. Have you made a Fire Escape Plan yet? For me Marsha and I always look out for safety hazards around our home inside and out. We have our young niece visiting in a few weeks Alyssa who if she chooses to cook it will be with proper supervision. A large amount of home fires begin in the kitchen so we know that is an area we keep a working fire extinguisher and not next to a stove where we can't get it in a hurry.

We live right near Percy Priest Lake which has been pretty tough on swimmers this summer so far as there have been several deaths due to drowning. The hard fact is drowning is the leading cause of death among children so please don't try and be cool around your children let them see you taking water seriously. I was disappointed to see several photos of families on their boats with their children with no safety vests. Are you kidding the water is not a place where you compromise. Empty all tubs, buckets and wadding pools after use. Parents do you know CPR? I would encourage you to take the course like I have done more than once just to stay current with the times. Peace of mind is what Safe at Home is all about. CISM Chaplain Oscar Smith and

Thank you Joyce Barrie and Friends for having me on as Guest to share my Life Safety Mission with almost a million people.