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Safe and healthy: the right vegetables for your dog

Select vegetable are very healthy for canines,
Select vegetable are very healthy for canines,
Photo by ekpatterson Foter CC BY-NC-SA

Sweet Potato is often used as a substitute starch in reduced protein dog food’s that cater to dogs with allergies. Sweet potato is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamins B5 and B6. It is also high in fiber, potassium, and magnesium. Sweet Potato is packed full of nutrition- more nutrition than regular potatoes- as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. If you are looking for an ingredient that is easy on the digestive system and great for sensitive stomachs then Sweet Potato may be perfect for your dog.
Dog food: Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance® Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Venison Dry Formula
Dog treats: try Smokehouse 100-Percent Natural Duck and Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Carrots are a high in beta carotene and can be found in most dog foods because of this. They are also fine to serve to a dog boiled of steamed as long as they are unseasoned and cut into bite sized portions. Great for the eyes and skin Carrots are rich in vitamins C, A, K and high in fiber and potassium. Rich in antioxidants they can help prevent cancer in dogs. Carrots are a low calorie treat for dogs that is great for their teeth and canines find them delicious!
Dog food: Merrick Classic Real Beef with Whole Barley & Carrot
Dog treats: Northern™ Biscuits Pumpkin Pie (Carrot is listed as the third ingredient)

Peas can be added to your dog’s food frozen of thawed. They are rich in vitamin K and C which are essential vitamins for a healthy diet. The vitamins don’t stop their- vitamins A, B6, B3, B1 and B2 are also plentiful Peas. Peas also contain thiamin, phosphorus, manganese, fiber, and folate and are a surprising source of natural protein. They are great for dogs and dog owners.
Dog food: Performatrin Ultra Slim Care Formula with Salmon Dog Food
Dog treats: Boston Baked Bonz Pea Pods Dog Biscuits

Green Beans are a great source of natural plant fibre and can even be fed to your dog frozen. Green beans are great veggies for dogs that tend to put weight on. Replacing some of their regular food with low calorie Green Beans will nourish them and aid in maintaining a healthy weight. Green Beans are also high in vitamins A, K, C and manganese. Studies have shown that Green Beans can improve blood fat levels and have other cardiovascular benefits.
Dog food: tripett Green Beef Tripe Wet Formula
Dog treats: PureBites® Freeze Dried Trail Mix

Spinach is great for dogs that suffer from inflammatory and cardiovascular problems- as well as cancer- due to the flavonoids and carotenoids it contains. It contains calcium which is great for the growth of puppies that need bone structure support and burn off more calories than adult dogs. Spinach is a nutrient dense leafy green that is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamins K, A and B6. It contains twice as much iron as most other leafy greens.
Dog food: Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul Adult Dog Food
Dog treats: Performatrin Ultra Salmon & Wild Rice Symphony Dog

Asparagus is a great source of vitamin K and vitamin A. It also rich in vitamins B1, B2, C and contains folate, copper and iron that are great for dogs. In smaller doses Asparagus is a healthy vegetable to feed your dog but if you feed too much Asparagus its feces will turn green.
Dog food: Lotus Wholesome Chicken and Asparagus Stew Wet Formula

Pumpkin is a fun and delicious but all Halloween memories aside Pumpkin is great for your canine companion. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, diarrhea or constipation Pumpkin can help ease its pain. The fiber contained in Pumpkin absorbs water and helps ease stomach upset. It is also full of vitamin A and antioxidants. It is great for overweight pets as it helps to regulate blood sugar and boosts cardiovascular health. Pumpkin is a great low calorie treat for your dog that will make it feel full but keep it fit!
Dog food: NOW FRESH Grain Free Adult Recipe
Dog treats: fruitables Crunchy oven baked Pumpkin Cranberry

Safe and healthy fruit for your dog.

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