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Update: 'Sadness' is no longer vaporware, coming to Wii U

One of the only real screenshots of Sadness
One of the only real screenshots of Sadness
Photo courtesy of Nibris Studios, used with permission

Update: The tragic saga that is Nibris' Sadness continues. Both HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games, who told Nintendo Life during yesterday's interview that they plan on bringing the canceled Wii game back to life, have stated that they don't even own the IP in question. HullBreach's Randy Freer offered the following update earlier today:

The Sadness IP is in the hands of a consortium with 4 studios currently fighting for the bid, and that while we at HullBreach and Cthulhi would like to make a competing bid and secure rights to Sadness, unfortunately we cannot at this time. Sorry to fans for any inconvenience.

This begs the question as to why Freer and Kleve would state that they were actively working to revive the gothic horror title in the first place. Kleve further explained to Eurogamer that not having the rights won't slow down their project, meaning the companies will continue developing their 2D title under a different name. Of course, with a different title and basic design, could one really consider this game to be Sadness at all? At the very least, we should be getting more details regarding their Sadness-inspired title in the near future, and the fact that other companies are looking to buy the IP gives us hope that the game could be formally resurrected some day.

Original Story:

Those of you who followed our horror-themed articles last year will know how disappointed we were that Sadness, a gothic psychological horror title originally announced for the Wii back in 2006, was never given a chance to see the light of day. Nintendo Life posted an interview earlier today, where they were able to sit down with HullBreach Studios' Randy Freer and Cthulhi Games' Jeremy Kleve, who have teamed up to bring Sadness back from its status as vaporware.

For those who aren't familiar with the game, Sadness was meant to be a black and white title set in a post-Great War Ukraine. Players would follow the journey of a woman named Maria Lengyel, as she struggled to help her son Alex, who begins displaying signs of nyctophobia and paranoid schizophrenia following a terrible accident.

Conceptualized as an early Wii title, Sadness would have featured heavy use of the console's innovative motion controls, something that might not be true of the revived version, which has been confirmed by Freer and Kleve to be a Wii U exclusive. Freer also mentioned that the game will probably use the Unity engine, and that it will be shifting to 2D. Kleve went on to state that the companies will be offering up their own take on Nibris' original ideas.

Since this is our own realization of the game, it would not feel right if we did not start from scratch. Besides, we are introducing new elements that were never intended in the original brief, including RPG and puzzle-based mechanics.

As for the revived version's plot, we're still not sure how much will carry over from Nibris' version. With that said, both parties involved with the Wii U revamp seem to have a lot of respect for the original characters and themes, as stated by Freer.

We really liked the Slavic Mythological concept represented in the original concept. The properties of fear that it would have imposed on players, using psychological methods rather than through mere violent mechanics. It will surely be a challenge to live up [to] these expectations. We hope to include the iconic Sadness characters Maria Lengyel and her troubled son Alex into this new title.

Following an expected amount of skepticism, Freer and Kleve were able to confirm that both of their respective companies are actively working to bring this project to fulfillment. They also stated that they hope to update fans regularly via their Twitter accounts, and have urged those excited to see this game make its way to release, to voice their support.

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