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Sad Kanye photo: Kanye West wallowing in woe sparks intrigue and mystery

Sad Kanye photo: Kanye West in the background looking glum has sparked many theories as to why today!
Sad Kanye photo: Kanye West in the background looking glum has sparked many theories as to why today!
Reddit/ Alex Yenni

News of a sad Kanye photo has Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fans searching for this picture today. Yes, it looks like Kanye West, who is sitting in the background, is having some type of moment of despair. In the foreground his bride-to-be looks to be finishing up zip-lining while posing with an unidentified man .

According to She Knows on May 3, this Kanye photo surfaced on Reddit and it looks like “Yeezus needs a hug.” The famous couple are in bright red helmets for their zip-lining adventure while in Mexico.

The image showed up on Reddit, posted by an Alex Yenni, who claims he found this in “random zip-lining office in the middle of Mexico.” He said he doesn’t think it has ever been online. Now it is and folks are having a field day trying to figure out what was going on with Kanye in the background of this picture, as seen on MSN Wonderwall.

This sad picture of Kanye has been Photoshopped onto a toilet. It oddly looks like an almost natural pose for the thrown. He is seen on the wrecking ball that Miley Cyrus took a ride on during her "Wrecking Ball" video. Photos of Kanye sitting in Kim's cleavage looking sad and sitting next to "Forrest Gump" on a park bench have been Photoshopped and are whipping up the laughs today.

The unknown gentleman that Kim is posing with has a bit of a stern face going on and Kim does her typical lean-in for the picture, showing a treasure trove of cleavage. Poor Kanye, his glum look paints him as one sad puppy, sitting there with his helmet on his head.

The picture just screams that it's a typical Kim Kardashian pose as she is completely oblivious to anything else around her. That includes her groom embarking on a bout of some heavy-duty sulking. Could it be that Kanye West is just shaking off his zip-lining experience?

Is that drawn, concerned look on his face a result of his realization of what the rest of his life is going to be like once he marries Kim? She can’t help but gravitate to the cameras. Could it be gas?

This is an odd picture, but it could be a very telling one. Maybe he is feeling a bit ignored, as Kim and her ample cleavage are of more visual interest to the camera? This picture could have a simple explanation like the helmet is just too tight, you just never know.

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