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'Sad Kanye' photo: Hidden image shows Kanye West looking sad

Sad Kanye photo that emerged on Reddit.
Sad Kanye photo that emerged on Reddit.

A 'Sad Kanye' photo is buzzing on the Internet after it was just discovered on Reddit. Huffington Post reported May 1 that the image surfaced Thursday and shows Kanye West sitting behind Kim Kardashian with a less-than-thrilled look on his face as he stares off into the distance. The picture was taken December 10 of last year while they were vacationing in Mexico.

The hip-hop star is seen wearing a red helmet outside of a zip-lining office. Kim and Kanye were snapping photos near a man who's assumed to be the zip-lining instructor. Kim is smiling into the camera while her fiance is in the background looking like he couldn't have cared less. He might be good at not smiling for his photos, but this one is especially humorous.

This sad Kanye photo is unique in that he's not making a somber face for the paparazzi. He's out in an environment where he's suppose to be having fun. It's possible that Kim's fiance was in deep thought about something or was resting for some reason. There could be a number of explanations surrounding this picture. It's all a mystery!

Will this picture be a meme of Kanye West? Some reports say so. The popularity of this image is making its rounds on the Internet.

What do you think of the "Sad Kanye" photo?