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Sad ending for dog swept away by flood waters

A Black Russian Terrier
A Black Russian Terrier
Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Although they were anticipating the worst, the Kelly family of West Babylon, NY stated they are relieved to have closure after the body of their beloved Russian terrier. Yuri, was found floating in a bay off Montauk Highway a day after he was swept away by raging waters of the Carlis River as torrential rains pounded Suffolk County on Wednesday.

According to John Kelly, he and his wife Kristen were out taking their four Black Russian Terriers for a walk, when Yuri attempted to take a drink of water and pulled free of his leash. The 120 lb dog was suddenly swept away and swallowed up by the water before they even had time to react. Although some children reported seeing him trying desperately to get his head above the surface as he passed beneath a bridge, no one saw him again until his body was discovered yesterday.

In the meantime, a social media campaign to help search for Yuri attracted a response from “hundreds” of people online as the Kellys, and members of the local fire and police departments, along with dozens of people (both friends and strangers) searched the water and shorelines for him well into the night.

“Closure was the most important thing. We wanted to do everything we could to find his body. We got that, and we are able to go from there,” John told the press

Black Russian Terriers are not really terriers, despite their name. They are actually a hybrid developed in the Soviet Union as a military/working dogs under Stalin’s rule, from a mixture of breeds including Airedales, Caucasian Ovcharkas, both giant and standard schnauzers, Newfoundlands, and (the now extinct). The dogs are known for their intelligence, as well as calm, confident temperaments, and take well to training. They are also said to be “ alert and responsive, instinctively protective, determined, fearless, and very loyal to their families.” Males generally stand about 27-30 onches high and weigh about 110-132 lbs, while females average between 26027 inches high and weigh closer to 99-110 lbs.