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Sad day in ‘Big Brother’ 16 house after news of 2nd death of cast mate relative

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Only two days ago, “Big Brother” 16 house guest Frankie Grande got the sad news that his grandfather had passed away after fighting stomach cancer for a second time. On July 25, 2014, another house member received news from home that his grandfather had also died, according to Joker’s Updates.

On Wednesday, a cloud hung over the “Big Brother” 16 house after Frankie was called to the Diary Room and given a letter from his family that informed him his grandfather had succumbed to cancer. The 90 year old had told his family, including Frankie’s sister, pop sensation Ariana Grande, should something happen, he wanted his grandson to continue to stay in the “Big Brother” game and strive to win.

That night, Frankie, sitting alone in the Head of Household room, gave a moving eulogy to his grandfather and explained how he had been a huge influence on his life. Frankie was named after the man, who he said worked hard all his life and provided well for his family. Frankie’s house mates were totally supportive of him, so much so that Derrick threw the HOH competition on Thursday to ensure Frankie would gain the title and obtain photos of his grandfather.

Sadly, on Friday, Derrick was given a letter from his family that indicated his grandfather had died. According to Joker’s, the live feeds showed Derrick sitting in the living room surrounded by fellow house guests in silence, all of them looking quite sad.

Joker’s reports that shortly thereafter, everyone began to hug one another. Derrick told Jocasta he would like to pray with her later. Frankie told Derrick he knew exactly what he was going through and would be there for him if he needed anything. Derrick noted that he would stay in the house and record a personal message to go out to his family because during his first attempt at a message to them he was crying.

Apparently Frankie offered to take on Derrick’s Have Not status regarding food and where he would sleep. Derrick, however, graciously declined the offer saying he did not want any special treatment despite what has happened, Joker’s reports.

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