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Sad anniversary of the murder of an innocent puppy

March 22, 2014 will mark the third anniversary of a dark day in the life of Carole Gill-Eden, the guardian of then 5-month-old little Fudge. That was the day that officials showed up at Ms. Gill-Eden's doorstep and pronounced that Fudge was a dog "of type" under the Dangerous Dog Act (the United Kingdom's version of breed-specific legislation). Fudge was taken and killed for no other reason than the way she looked.

Fudge's ashes are all that remains of this innocent puppy.
Fudge's ashes are all that remains of this innocent puppy.
Courtesy of Carole Gill-Eden
The sweet face of little Fudge
Courtesy of Carole Gill-Eden

On April 9, 2011, the story of sweet little Fudge was published here. The heartbreak of this senseless act has resonated throughout social media since then; with the formation of the Facebook page "Justice for Fudge", and the "The Fudge Foundation", whose goals are to raise awareness about the issues of BSL worldwide. Tiny Fudge never raised a paw to harm another living soul, and yet simply because of her appearance, she was heartlessly murdered.

The manner in which officials handled the situation with Fudge was callous and nothing short of deceitful. Ms. Gill-Eden trusted the Merseyside police officials to be honest with her, and it was not until it was too late that she realized the full impact of what had occurred. She vowed to devote her life to the fight against DDA/BSL, so that no one else would have to suffer the agonizing heartbreak that she had endured.

DDA Watch, a wonderful group of passionate and dedicated advocates in the United Kingdom work tirelessly to help raise awareness about the horrors of DDA/BSL, and also help the families victimized by this law to get dogs who have been seized under the act to be released back to their loving homes. BSL exists globally, with Denver, Colo. being one of the worst. In that city, dogs resembling a Pit Bull can be seized and killed; even those belonging to people merely passing through the city.

The video provided here is the narration of a story by Maria Daines, which is fictional, but depicts the heartbreak of a guardian being forced to give up a beloved puppy simply because of his looks, which is exactly what happened with Fudge. Maria Daines is a passionate advocate for animals, and works with DDA Watch to help fight DDA/BSL. Her music for animals speaks to the very hearts of animal advocates everywhere.

Breed-specific legislation continues to tear families apart. Innocent animals are ripped from the loving arms of their families, and they are murdered for no reason other than their appearance. Anyone who has ever known one of the bully breeds knows exactly how devoted, gentle, and loving these dogs are. In the past, breeds such as German Shepherd Dogs, Rottweilers, and Dobermans were also the target of BSL, but these attempts failed miserably.

Now the focus has turned to the bully breeds, with the Pit Bulls being singled out. Sadly, BSL laws and regulations are based on mass hysteria and ignorance. It is not the breed that is to blame for dog bites or harm to others, but instead, is the fault of the guardians. Any dog can be trained to be vicious, and any breed of dog can lash out and bite a human or another animal. However, it is the humans who are their guardians who bear the responsibility for teaching their dogs, and no dog should be singled out simply because of his/her breed.

Advocates must continue to speak out against BSL, and bring about the changes necessary to see this nightmare come to an end forever. If BSL exists in your area, contact your government representatives by writing or calling, and demand the laws be changed to focus on individual dogs and individual acts, and not be a blanket of ignorant hatred directed at an entire breed.

In 2013, a statement denouncing BSL was issued from the White House in response to a petition seeking to end BSL in the United States. You can read that statement here.

Fudge was only a 5-month-old puppy. Puppies are not exempt from these laws, and thousands are murdered every year for no other reason than their existence as a bully breed. These dogs have no voice unless advocates speak up for them. Please do whatever you can to help change the laws and regulations regarding these precious dogs, so families never again have to go through the heartbreak of seeing one of their furry family members taken away and murdered.

Friends and fellow advocates connected to Ms. Gill-Eden are asking that March 22nd see Facebook turned pink to honor the memory of little Fudge, and to remind everyone of the ignorance of BSL. Please consider honoring Fudge's memory, and showing your support for the continued battle to end BSL/DDA forever by changing your profile picture on Facebook to one of Fudge's pink pictures. Many can be found at the "Justice for Fudge" Facebook page.

Rest in peace precious little Fudge. Advocates are still doing whatever it takes to end the laws that caused your heartless murder. You are loved by so many who never even met you, and you will never be forgotten. You will live on forever in the hearts of advocates around the globe, who will continue to fight for justice for you and all the others like you, so that your death was not in vain.

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