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‘Sacred 3’ initial thoughts

Th first mission of “Sacred 3” is a fun bloodbath.

‘Sacred 3’ initial thoughts-slide0
Deep Silver
‘Sacred 3’ initial thoughts
Deep Silver

The world of hack-and-slash gamers are ruled by the “Diablo” series, but there are a few solid offerings out there that, despite their lack of uber-sexy gameplay and features, get the job done.

Deep Silver’s “Sacred 3,” released today on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, appears to be one of them.

Playing through the game’s first mission, it’s obvious that everything looks and feels the way a classic hack-and-slash game should. With a visual look reminiscent of the Xbox cult classic “Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes” and a simple, but effective control scheme, there’s nothing broken in terms of gameplay. Although the game’s color palette doesn’t jump out of the screen, as the first level featured a hearty-helping of brown variations and not enough other colors to bring out the finer elements of the level, the cool cut-scenes and silly voiceover works adds a layer of personality that the visuals lack.

But like any respectable hack-and-slash, gameplay is where the game’s bread is buttered. It is here where “Sacred 3” shines the most. Using the game’s newest class, the Malakhim, a two-handed weapon-wielding badass, through the first level in our playthrough, it’s obvious this guy is the character fans of the barbarian in “Diablo III” will flock to.

While it has the potential to get repetitive later on, the combat was enjoyable, thanks to different types of enemies. Some can be flung around the stage, while others can be killed in one shot. Stronger enemies require shield-breaking maneuvers first before they can be taken out and an execution option even allows you to kill your enemies in grand fashion, a-la “God of War.”

With a few different attacks and nifty ways to kill your enemies, in what appears to be your typical, but more accessible epic story, “Sacred 3” certainly has potential for those looking for their hack-and-slash fix.

“Sacred 3” is now available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 home gaming consoles as well as Windows PC.

So what do you think of our initial thoughts? Will you check out the game? Sound off in the comment section below.