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Sachi Animal Rescue volunteer wants to raise $50K in memory of Maggie

Donate in memory of Maggie
Donate in memory of Maggie
Facebook: Heather Jones McCaffrey

Every so often a love story comes along between dog and master. One that will tug at your heart, leaving the words etched in you mind long after you've finished reading.

This is a love story between a dog named Maggie, and her human companion, Heather. The love they shared was that once-in-a-lifetime experience hopefully each of us will have with a beloved pet. A love so special, that once gone, we know no other animal companion can ever take their place.

Maggie wasn't a Sachi dog, but she could have been. Unfortunately Sachi Animal Rescue didn't exist in 2008, when Heather Jones McCaffrey met Maggie, who changed her life. It is in Maggie's memory that Heather is trying to raise $50,000 for Sachi Animal Rescue, where she's a volunteer. Now for Maggie's story.

Heather met Maggie on October 3, 2008. Heather did what a lot of us in animal rescue do. She scoured the adopt a pet ads daily, doing her best to pick just one dog who was out of time, and wouldn't likely die without her help.

Heather had opposition from the beginning, in the form of her husband. He didn't want a dog, especially a boxer. And he gave Heather a two week time frame to find the dog she chose a permanent home. So Heather found an adoptable dog who was out of time, and went to her rescue.

In the same cage was a bag of bones, with bloody, oozing ears and flies biting the flesh. Heather was torn in what to do, especially when this walking skeleton came over and placed her head against the chain link door. All this unexpected heart-tugger wanted was someone to rub her head with love. Just one person to say she mattered.

After pacing the floor, her cell phone dead, and her heart tied in knots, Heather rescued both dogs.

Heather wanted to take both dogs with her that night, but they had to be spayed first. Heather was afraid the emaciated dog wouldn't last the night, no one would bend the rules. The next morning Heather called, and the dogs were being released to her on a medical waver.

She learned "the skinny one" had been bred over and over, eventually being discarded to the streets once her days of being a puppy maker were behind her.

Heather named this dog Maggie, and set to work on getting her healthy. That first night, Heather gave Maggie her first bath, while Heather's husband made Maggie a bed. Heather spent the night holding her new dog and begging her not to die.

Maggie was depressed, and barely held her head up. Those first few days, even after Maggie accepted nutrition and warmth and love, she was still sad. On the third morning, something changed. Heather described it as

"Her third morning here she greeted me with a slight wag of her nub. Standing before me was my new friend that I had been missing my entire life and my heart knew right then and there that she was home.Maggie was my heart dog and will forever be my heart dog."

Heather and Maggie had 5 years, 4 months and 17 days of unconditional love shared. Maggie's spirit left her body at 6:20 pm February 20, 2014. It is in Maggie's honor that Heather is helping raise the $50,000. So other dogs like Maggie can be saved.

A donation webpage has been set up here by Heather in Maggie's memory.

Sachi Animal Rescue was founded in 2009 by Raphealle Brilliant, President and Founder. The rescue is a 501c3 organization, with a Facebook page and a website, filled with miracles like the one that happened for Maggie. How Raphealle, along with a staff of volunteers, rescue the dogs no one else wants. Dogs like Maggie.

Please share Maggie's story, which has been condensed from the donation webpage. You can read Maggie's story in it's entirety by clicking here.

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