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Sacha Baron Cohen emerges victorious against stupid lawsuit.

Bruno rides a white horse
Bruno rides a white horse

Bam! A judge not only ruled against a woman suing Sacha Baron Cohen of ruining her bingo game while filming Bruno, he also is forcing her to pay Cohen's legal fees.

Richelle Olson was suing Cohen and NBC for $25,000, stating that the actor's Bruno personality deliberately sabotaged her bingo game, causing her extensive emotional duress. For those of you who are under the impression that bingo is a challenging sport requiring skill, please remember that it's just poker for old ladies and their daughters.

Initially, Olson also claimed she was physically damaged with magical, non-medical ailments after she tried to remove a microphone from Cohen while in her wheelchair. She referred to it as 'the brain bleeds'. No one from California will be shocked to learn that this occurred in Palmdale.

Unfortunately for Olson, since the entire event was TAPED FOR A MOVIE, defense attorneys readily provided film that proved the two never came into physical contact. At this point, she went with the whole sabotage and emotional damage song-and-dance.

A judge rolled his eyes and told her she'd have to cover Cohen's $17,000 worth of legal fees. Quoth Nelson from the Simpsons: 'Ha ha!'