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Sabrine Ferretti in 'Let me dance'

Sabrine Ferretti stars in her own production 'Let me dance'
cta 2014

“Why do I want to be an actor? Well, I don’t want to be an actress. I am an actress. In reality we’re all actors aren’t we? We get up in the morning, we groom ourselves, pick out our costumes for the day and go out into the world as who we want to be or at least who we want the world to see us as. Now being real, a genuine person – that’s the real challenge. That’s what I believe the true actor is. Is there a better word for that? (Laughs) Um, I don’t know. I guess I could say I’m just a person living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Thanks Meisner! (Laughs).” – Sabrine Ferretti

Sabrine Ferretti has tirelessly built her career as an actress for the past few years and created quite a resume for herself. Her past projects include: “Retribution”, “You Don’t Say”, “Dog’s Treats and Jingle Toys”, “Lies Hidden In The Truth”, directed by the prestigious TV and film director Gilbert Shilton, and many others films, commercials and music videos. Her most recent work is a short film called “Let Me Dance” written and produced by Sabrine herself; and directed by Maria Rosa Fernandez.

“Let Me Dance” tells the story of Nina Bulatov, an aspiring dancer who must pay for her ailing mother's medical expenses by working for a law firm under the callous John Garvis, leaving little time for her true passion - dance. Her mother, demanding as she is practical, always resented her daughter's interest in dance. Now, out of fear of judgment and ridicule, Nina keeps her dancing a secret from everyone she knows. - “In a way, isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? We have this delicate balance between passion and practicality that we’re constantly trying to hold onto. Sometimes practically wins over passion and we become these drones, void of that spark we had when we were children. You know that spark I’m talking about. The one where you dress up as a princess and rule as queen over your very delicately built blanket fort. I don’t ever want to lose that. But life will constantly try to do that to you. That’s why I wanted to tell this story. To inspire people to keep their passions alive and never let them go. Even if I only touch one person, that’s enough – that can change the world.”

Sabrine gathered a team of talents and from a production motivated by passion and enthusiasm of making movies and telling stories. “Let Me Dance” has now officially been selected for the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival, also known for LABRFF, happening in the second week of September in Los Angeles.

“I probably spend most of my free time watching series. My perceptions have changed so much as an actor simply by watching great performances by the likes of Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gun in Breaking Bad. What a great team!” She mentions her true desire to work with the writer and executive producer Shonda Rhimes saying, “I’ve always fallen in love with her writing! I can’t express how emotional I get with Grey’s Anatomy! That woman knows it all! I’m ready to embrace all the opportunities and hope to soon enough be a new face of a TV Series, and I believe I’m getting in there.”

I also asked her how she feels about her obstacles as a foreign actor pursuing a career in the U.S.

“(Laughing) I’m so glad I was able to learn English so fast. I was terribly afraid. It’s a scary thing leaving everyone and everything you know for something new. It could be a horrible decision. (Laughs) Or, an incredible adventure – thankfully it was just that. I remember my first acting class my second month here - I’d look to my classmates so confused thinking ‘What did he say? But I never regretted it. I have such wonderful examples to follow like Eva Longoria, Sophia Vergara, Roselyn Sanchez and many other foreign actresses.

As a final thought, what would you like to say to other aspiring performers out there looking to pursue their passions?

“Don’t stop. Never give up. There will be days where it feels like the entire world is against you. You’ll feel like your wasting your time. Maybe your own family doesn’t support you. Maybe there is that full time job that pays really well, but is incredibly life draining. Maybe life would be easier to just go with the flow. Your will and desire will be tested daily. Hold onto that spark and never let it go out. Whether you succeed or fail is entirely up to you. Nothing worth having is easy. Be strong. Be great. Be water.”

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