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Sabrina gives birth on 'Return to Amish'

'Breaking Amish' and 'Return to Amish' cast member Sabrina is an ex-Mennonite.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ex-Mennonite Sabrina gave birth to a baby girl on the Return to Amish episode that originally aired June 29, 2014. She named her baby Oakley Lelia. The baby's father, Harry, was present for the birth. He and Sabrina have had an on-and-off again relationship. Sabrina was adopted and grew up in a Mennonite family.

Earlier on this Return to Amish season, ex-Amish Abe and ex-Amish Rebecca who are married also had a baby girl. They named their daughter Malika Rayne. Rebecca has a daughter from a previous relationship who has been making appearances on the reality TV show for the first time this season.

Abe and Rebecca don't want to associate with Abe's ex-Amish brother Andy anymore. Andy is on probation and Rebecca has heard rumors that he is doing things that could put him back in jail. Andy is engaged to an English woman named Chapel. The first time Andy proposed to Chapel, she declined, because she has cancer. The second time he proposed, she said, "Yes." Andy asked his former LA cast mate to make him a new suit for his upcoming wedding.

Abe and Andy's Amish mother, Mary, and their Amish father, Chester, have been shunned. This is the first season Chester has appeared on the show. They went to their Amish church to confess their sins. They were told they could be a part of their church community again if they stop seeing their ex-Amish children which upset Mary. Their Amish daughter Katie Ann went on her first date with an Amish man.

Ex-Amish Jeremiah and Mary are opening a store together. They plan to sell quilts and other Amish made items.

Ex-Amish Kate is a model in New York City. Eventually, she would like to have her own clothing line.

New episodes of Return to Amish can currently be seen Sundays at 9:00 p.m. central on TLC.

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