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Sabertron sword fighting game designer answer questions on Reddit

According to an Ask Me Anything question/answer session on Friday, Sabertron game designer David Lynch took to the Reddit forum to answer questions in regards to his new product. His partner Tim Reichard has also been involved in garnering media attention online as he pounds the cyber pavement promoting their wares. Lynch is also enlightening future consumers about the promising goals and objectives of the Sabertron product.

Electrical engineer Tim Reichard poses with 'Firefly's' Summer Glau and the Sabertron foam sword fighting interactive gaming product with electronic scoring technology
Photo courtesy of Tim Reichard and David Lynch, used with permission

To sum up, Sabertron is the first foam sword with electronic, wireless scoring. It keeps track of legitimate hits, with the ability to differentiate between successful blocks to successful impacts. It's safe, effective, and simple to use. The patent for this remarkable device pretty much covers all things globally when it comes to any interactive device that encounters each other with such a scoring methodology.

Reichard also mentioned that Lynch has been keeping record of all his inventions as they come to him from out of the blue. It's like a reflex action much like when someone flinches when a grass hopper almost makes landfall in someone's eye. Lynch one day dreams to have a theme park that consists of gaming interactive technology of all sorts. But first, funding is needed and the goal has been met to back Sabertron. A "stretch goal" of $200,000 is now underway and if such a goal is achieved, everyone will be able to contain their swords in Sabertron sheaths.

In the AMA session on Reddit, Lynch answered quite a few questions in regards to the device, its fun factor, battery usage, and all sorts of information inquired by eager prospective LARP or "Star Wars" fans. When Lynch was asked about projected release date, Lynch mentioned it would be in 2015. Also, the question of mass marketing the product came to light.

"This version will get us through specialty retail. There will be new models for high-volume, either through licensing or partnerships with existing manufacturers. I am an inventor first, and I would like to stick to that and outsource the logistics of high volume manufacturing. We can make more cool products that way."

It seems that he's taking on the "Breaking Bad" version of Walter White as he continues to focus on perfecting his craft as he relies on others to be in charge of "distribution." In this case though, Lynch doesn't "break bad" nor even heads due to the safe, foam quality of the Sabertron sword. He is but a humble, hardworking computer engineer desiring to bring fun and smiles to all ages.

When asked about the longevity of the components during play as well as their durability. Lynch had this to say:

"The cores are billed as indestructible. They are super tough. We have used polycarbonite thus far and we are really happy with the strength and weight. But we have a lot of resources from the LARPing community that we will research before we make our final decision. The bottom line is that we want a product that you can really wail on and not break it. This is not your typical toy product."

There were also talks of future interactive toy device accessories such as shields as well as the ability to dial up or down the light intensities of the swords in the Grandmaster series as LEDs tend to been energy hogs. So it's the users choice whether make a dazzling display of special effects or keep the electrical pyrotechnics to a minimum of dim lighting. There's also a promotional video of including a sheath with every sword in order to provide carrying ability to the user. Sabertrons do not so easily fit into a standard pocket, so sheaths would make a world of difference.

Hopefully, Lynch and his crew of electronic sword creators can manage the success of their Sabertron empire as they continue the video campaign of good clean family fun.

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