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Sabertron introduces interactive safe sword fighting game through Kickstarter

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According to Toy News on Thursday, David Lynch's new invention is the world's first non-painful foam sword technology that keeps track of the number of hits electronically and wirelessly. It uses the same cellular phone technology to differentiate successful blocks from the hits that land legitimately. Unlike Sir Issac Newton supposedly discovering gravity through an apple falling on his head, five years ago Lynch discovered the same things normally observed by parents who grow tired of watching their kids play video game after video game for fear of becoming embedded in the furniture throughout their childhood.

As with most inventions, necessity was the mother of it and Lynch decided to take action. He decided to take pipe insulation and PVC while forming rudimentary swords in which the kids could actively partake in sword play. The only problem was the ability to keep score. Five years later, Lynch had discovered he was over complicating the matter and had an epiphany of sorts. That's when he acquired a couple of Ardruino development kits and simply went from there by partnering with Tim Reichard.

From there, Lynch's partner helped developed an online web presence to market their product and also assisted with logistics. A couple of methods, though meeting criteria, proved be rather bulky. The ability to store the score keeping electronic portion of the devices proved to be rather awkward, but by referring to an engineer on Elance to develop a hilt, or sword handle rather, through 3D printing, they were able to develop a way to store the electronic score keeping equipment tucked away rather conveniently within the sword's handle.

That all being said, a Kickstarter campaigned was brought to light as Lynch and his cohorts strive to reach a goal of $200,000 and with it, a sword user will also have available to them a sheath for the safe storage and carrying ability of the swordsperson.

So at this point, anything is possible with Sabertron's new sword fighting interactive game technology. It's also reminiscent of the old school 80s Laser Tag that was big for those who even can remember that far back. Some might be tempted in using this venture to take it on the road for LARP sword fighting competitions, "Star Wars" cosplay, and much more.



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