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Sabaton Wins New Fans at Cleveland Agora

Live on stage at  The Agora
Live on stage at The Agora

Cleveland OH - The historic Agora did what it does best and that is bring the music to the fans . Friday brought the mighty Swedish metal band Sabaton to the Erie shore and it was a night the remember .A decade of playing live and multiple albums have turned this band into a force to be reckoned with . Miley Cyrus may be a wrecking ball but Sabaton is a wrecking machine . This was my first time seeing them and to be honest I was not familiar with them , after all its impossible to know all bands but this is not my last time . They packed the standing room only floor of the Cleveland Agora and won over many new fans in the process including myself . Old fans delighted in their back catalog with their songs of war and leaders from past conflicts . The band debuted new material from the forth coming Nuclear Blast Records “ Heroes “ in the form of a song dedicated to and named after the World War I legend “Audie Murphy “. The crowd went absolutely insane when singer Joakim Brodén raised the American Flag in salute of this national hero . They reminded me of the first time I saw Pantera on the Cowboys From Hell tour . They were young and unknown but you knew that first night that you were seeing something special . I had that exact same feeling after witnessing Sabaton .This was one band to watch and with a new album due out I am excited to hear it . The bands in your face musicianship and highly developed abilities paid tribute to their years of hard work, the band consists of Joakim Brodén - vocals ,Pär Sundström — bass ,Chris Rörland — guitar, Thobbe Englund — guitar and Hannes van Dahl on drums . They are currently on tour with Iced Earth and ReVamp and their official website is check them out , you wont be sorry !

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