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S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Delivery

Special Delivery
Special Delivery

As life comes into full swing and drops down surprises, joys and sorrows on us. As the weather changes and summer flowers spawn into fall leaves and winter is just around the corner, we tend to forget the special people in our romantic lives who keep our hearts warm with love. Therefore, I'd like to offer up what I would like to call my S.P.E.C.I.A.L recipe for rekindling romance in your love or dating lives.

Surprise. One of the most overlooked and underestimated elements of romance is the power of a surprise. Now, I know Halloween is approaching but I am not speaking in terms of ghost and goblins. By surprise, I am referrting to surprising your mate with a nice romantic, homemade candlelit dinner for her or maybe a pair of tickets to a basketball team for him. Throw some fire and desire back into your relationship with this sure-fire ingredient!

Patience. Honestly, I lack a lot of patience at times. However, patience truly is a virtue and one of the main ingredients contributing to any successful relationship. By definition, the word patience suggests being quiet, diligent, or having steady perseverance. Imagine when you were a kid and wanted everything instantly without delay and hard work. Now, being an adult, think of how much more you appreciate the fruits of your labor. That’s patience! So remember, whether waiting for your mate to take you to that Ledisi concert or plan the trip to Bora Bora that you have been longing to take, patience truly is a virtue! Practice patience.

Encouragement. There is no better way to enhance your partner and motivate them to be their absolute best than by encouragement. This simple little word can spark the passion in any relationship. Just think, maybe your mate has been thinking about a career change and isn't necessarily sure or very confident in his/her decision and looks to you for a bit of encouragement. Just simple words like "I believe in you" or "you can do it baby" are so powerful and has the potential to create new and even more exciting plateaus in your relationship.

Cooking. A couple who eats or cooks together, stays together. I'm kidding, I know that’s not the saying; however you would be amazed in the effects of a good intimate, home-cooked meal that you both prepared together or even individually for one another. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and food is made to nurture and provide us with all of the nutrients we need for survival. So think of the intimate benefits of a simple gesture like cooking for your mate or cooking together with your mate. Talk about nurturing!

Ignite the Passion. The word passion is such a steamy word in itself, so there is no need to give you any long, drawn out definitions. However, I will give you a few ideas to ignite the hot fires within.

• Strip teases with full costume, name changes and music of your choice.

• Slow dance sessions in the living room of your home or any other location.

• Hot oil massages, happy endings optional.

• Be creative. Come up with your own seduction techniques.


Appreciate. There's not another way to say thank you than simply saying "thank you" or verbally or physically expressing gratitude to your mate. There are a lot of ways to tear a relationship to shreds and more times than not a lack of appreciation is one of them. Practice saying and showing thanks. Simple as that.

Laugh. Laughter is the cure to so many of our sorrows and shortcomings.  Wouldn’t the world be such a better place, if we laughed instead of cried? What about our relationships? Of course!  Remember to laugh and forgive; you will feel 50 times better, satisfaction guaranteed. :-) Don’t take life too seriously! Play around with your mate instead of arguing. Try tickling him/her when they are in a bad mood or make a funny face if they aren’t ticklish. You can even look up jokes online and share them with your mate for a good old fashioned laugh.  As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine!


Much Love,




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