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S&G The Alpha drops "Free TKO Capone" music video

Still image from "Free TKO Capone" music video by S&G The Alpha
Still image from "Free TKO Capone" music video by S&G The Alpha

With TKO Capone still in jail, S&G The Alpha wants to make it very clear that SGG has all but died.

Monday night Switch Gear Gang rapper S&G The Alpha dropped a somewhat unexpected music video "Free TKO Capone," that was one part bragging rights and one part rally behind the movement to release Oklahoma City rapper TKO Capone, who was jailed the last week of March.

The based-influenced song produced by Fantazm also contains features from New York rapper ToneLaz and Elder Godd, a newer SGG recruit from Indiana, exclaiming the same goal; to free TKO Capone, a goal in which some three hundred thousand plus fans are behind. The video shows S&G and Tonelaz rapping in the streets of Queens, NY with the text "FREE TKO" gracing the screen throughout the video. Elder Godd could not make it to the shoot so during his verse, covers from his past releases were shown.

The rappers paid homage to their leader by referencing his catchphrases and ad-libs under the main vocals. Also, there seem to be some subtle shots taken at fans and artists that have jumped ship since TKO's arrest with S&G exclaiming at the intro, "I always learn better in a smaller class anyway!" as if to say those who aren't loyal aren't needed.

No one knows the exact reason for Capone's arrest still. All he has stated is that he is being accused of a crime he did not commit and that "God will see me through this trial." However former friend Snapback TC claims that TKO Capone is guilty of being a rapist and a sex offender, though those accusations have yet to be confirmed or denied by Capone or any of his legal counsel.

Snapback TC even went so far as to "reform" SGG and make it his own brand. Yesterday, he let fans know via social media that, in addition to developing his new label AMG, he also copyrighted the Switch Gear Gang name and was building a whole new brand and empire under it.

Responses to this from the old SGG roster has yet to be seen and very serious beef may be brewing. Examiner is going to do its best at staying on the pulse of TKO Capone's release and the potential fued.

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