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S.C. Marine Cpl. William 'Kyle' Carpenter to receive Medal of Honor

S.C. Marine Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter to receive Medal of Honor
S.C. Marine Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter to receive Medal of Honor
Operation Kyle/Facebook photo released

When terrorists hijacked four American planes on September 11, 2001, it changed the way Americans would think and react forever.

One of those Americans was a young William “Kyle” Carpenter who, although born in Jackson, Mississippi, moved with his family to the tiny South Carolina town of Gilbert.

Carpenter, who was just eleven years-old on 9/11 grew up to become a United States Marine.

It was during a combat tour in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2010, that Cpl. Carpenter nearly gave his life for fellow Marine, Lance Cpl. Nick Eufrazio. Carpenter threw himself on a live grenade to save the life of his battle buddy.

Although both Marines survived the incident, both were gravely injured. Carpenter spent more than two years in the hospital recovering from those injuries. He sacrificed his right eye, his teeth, and part of his jaw for the life of his fellow Marine.

For that act of selfless heroism, Cpl. Carpenter, now 24, will be awarded the Medal of Honor by Pres. Barack Obama on March 18.

Residents of Gilbert, S.C., pop. 500, will stand a little straighter, hold their flags a little higher, and smile a little wider, as their home town boy is given the national honor he so greatly deserves.

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