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S.C. 4-H Summer camp-your children will love it

4-H Camp
4-H Camp
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Today, parents seem to feel that their children are 'not ready' for summer camp year after year. In reality, it is the parent that is not ready. Sometimes, parents are not ready because they do not want to face the fact that their child is growing up. Sometimes the 'not ready' is really a fear of sending their children into someone else's care. While both are valid concerns to parents, neither is helpful to the child. Everyone wants to protect their children from danger, but without allowing the children to experience fun, educational activities like camp, the children are the ones who loose in the long run.

Camp is an opportunity to experience a tiny amount of independence while being under the care of trained leaders. Look into the camp...ask the questions you think are important. Is it important to you that there is a good adult:child ratio? That camp counselors are trained in 1st aid? That they have had a background check completed? Any reputable camp will be happy to answer your questions!

South Carolina 4-H is offering three weeks of summer camp at 4-H Camp Long in Aiken, SC. The weeks are: June 8-12, June 15-19, and June 22-26. The price is JUST $250 as we have been able to have the cost reduced thanks to Clemson University and the Youth Learning Institute. Youth must be ages 8-14 by the beginning of camp.

During camp, youth will go swimming and canoeing, learn about science, participate in archery and team sports and MUCH MORE! A staff nutritionist works to make sure the campers are well fed and the counselors are trained in dealing with children of all ages as well as children with medical issues or being homesick. For more information about S.C. 4-H Summer Camp, please check out the Pickens County 4-H Website.