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S.A.F.E.R-Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue:"Taking Care of our Own"

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SAFER's Mission is to be a resource for Sonoma County and surrounding areas to provide services for people needing to care for or rehome horses displaced by the recession. We are dedicated to recycling these displaced horses, as well as those dumped at auction back into the horse-keeping community. We also advise people as to their options in financial emergencies. We maintain an email alert list for notification of emergency issues concerning horse welfare.

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Contact Us

We are 501(c)3 non-profit. Donations can be sent snail mail to:


825 Grandview Rd

Sebastopol CA 95472


Also you may message us by email:

Adoption: Sponsership

Yup. It happens. It happened to me. Just by looking at the picture. You don't have the facilities or the time to help the horse you see. But you really want to be part of helping this particular life. Perhaps you know this horse from your neighborhood. Perhaps you were instrumental in saving him and now want to give him enough time to really be at his best. Perhaps you want to allow him (or her) to stay in their home or foster home for its retirement. You may designate that your contribution will cover costs for that one horse you see on a monthly basis. Sponsorships can be any amount $25 and over a month and your name will be posted as this horse's sponsor unless otherwise requested. As a sponsor you are entitled to visit the horse within the caregiver's time constraints and have first right of refusals for adoptions. Please contact us to send that particular horse's sponsorship. WE NEED SPONSORS. YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT !

Horses Available:

SAFER offers this website listing service for free to the local community. Please email pictures and lots of information on your horse to Always let us know immediately when the horse is no longer available.

Partner Facilities and Fostering:

We need private, public or professional stables and facilities that will work with us to house and care for horses that are waiting for new homes. We depend on fosters to provide the hands on expertise to help these animals thrive and get adopted. We can provide feed and vet care.

What it takes to be a FOSTER HOME:
Foster care for a horse rescue can be VERY rewarding. Seeing the changes in attitude and health; and hearing about the horses you helped as they make their way in new homes is a memory that really stays with you.

It does not have to be a permanent commitment - to the horses or to the rescue. Foster homes can, of course, choose to take a break or decide to drop out of the program. SAFER pays for everything and stays in contact always. SAFER has insurance that covers activity at the foster home.

Over the last couple of years certain aspects of fostering have worked out best for SAFER and the horses. (Yes it has been that long!) These are the things SAFER is looking for:

1. A Foster needs to have a love of horses and time to care for them and help evaluate their needs. They may be more needy than a well cared for and content horse like your own.
2. They need a quiet spot to detox and settle in. Fencing must be safe. Other horses around are great but new ones should have their own space.
3. Foster must be willing to care for injuries and illness if necessary. It is not feasible for me or volunteers to travel around to all the fosters to do that work. Foster must also feed as per agreed upon with SAFER. Supplemental mash is often necessary for weight gain and nutritional deficiencies.
4. Foster must be willing for potential adopters to come and see and ride the horses if applicable. The point of all of this is to find them those forever homes!

So if you feel the presence of equine souls you are destined to meet and love...please consider being the home that allows them a second chance at life. It doesn't last forever - but the difference you make can.

Send us an email regarding your interest in helping out.

There is always the possibility that a horse will be one that actually works out in the context of your facility - or you will have clients that may be interested. Remember many displaced horses are healthy and already trained! A NO BREEDING stipulation is mandatory and all stallions will be gelded.

Please read our Foster Application and Foster Agreement for your information.

How to Help/Volunteer and Donate:

Whether we make a real difference or not really and truly depends on you. Not everyone has land and not everyone has money - but EVERYONE has something that will contribute. Here are some of the activities that would really help us grow and do more for this community.

1) One or more persons to check on adopted horses. Estimated time 2 to 3 hours a month.

2) Two people to distribute materials to the DONATE A BALE/RAIL stores and pick up filled receipt books. Estimated time 2-3 hours a month.

3) People interested in fundraising; including doing a mailing for us. Estimated time - ? per project.

4) Foster Care coordinator: estimated time 5 hours a month.

5) Volunteer coordinator: estimated time 5 hours a month. This is so important. This person would communicate with volunteers and fosters about visiting and caring for horses as well as other activities.

6) Vets and Farriers, as well as horse masseuse and chiropractors willing to do some pro-bono work.

7) Ride the horses for evaluations! This is very important. (PS we have insurance...) Experienced horse people who will help us evaluate each horse for handling and riding. Estimated time 1-5 hours each month.

What we need?

A Truck and Horse Trailer!!

Horse blankets

saddles and bridles in good shape

Homes for horses


Donations at this time are certainly needed. The current price per pound for horseflesh is .30 or lower. Your donations cover costs of purchase if at auction, Vet and Farriers bills and supplements.
We will line up quarantine and transport for these horses as well as evaluation and advertisement
for placement in new homes.