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'Ryse: Son of Rome' bringing all new bloodbaths on February 28

Ryse: Son of Rome getting bloody good DLC-slide0
Microsoft Limited

"Ryse: Son of Rome" is getting some brand new DLC at the end of this month. Microsoft Limited announced on Monday that the "Mars' Chosen" addition to the game would go live on February 28. On Tuesday a number of screenshots from the new downloadable content hit the web.

Ryse: Son of Rome getting 'Mars Chosen' DLC
Microsoft Unlimited

Not surprisingly, the visually stunning game is bringing more of the same with the impending arrival of the "Mars' Chosen" DLC. Of course, the new content has more than just a nice look. The DLC expands the game’s multiplayer with new maps, a new character skin, and an all-new survival-style mode. The new content costs those who haven't bought the season pass, $8.99.

The survival mode in "Mars' Chosen" has a slightly different take on the usual "wave" mode where attackers just keep coming and coming. Your health is gradually declining as the waves continue to come in and the only way you can recharge and regroup is if you dispatch the enemies with quick executions.

"Ryse: Son of Rome" brings four new maps with the new DLC as well. “Firestorm” and “Dockyard” are specifically designed for Survival while “Pyramid” and “Obelisk" are designed for the arena mode.

Microsoft is going to be running a number of sales that will make the "Ryse: Son of Rome" DLC that much more attractive for people who are looking to take advantage of the popular Xbox One launch title.

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