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'Ryse' sequel on hold; Crytek not '100 percent' happy with Xbox One sales

Screenshots of the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome.
Screenshots of the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome.

On Friday, Crytek founder and CEO Cevat Yerli shed some light on the development of "Ryse: Son of Rome" and the rumor of a sequel for the Xbox One being cancelled.

Image of the just announced PC verison of Ryse: Son of Rome.
Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission.

In an exclusive interview with Eurogamer, Yerli discussed the financial problems that have plagued the company, which resulted in the sale of the "Homefront" franchise to publisher Deep Silver. When the subject changed to "Ryse," the Xbox One title that launched last November, Yerli was questioned if the game was profitable. What spurred the question was the reported troubled development of "Ryse," as it shifted from an Xbox 360 Kinect title to an Xbox One launch game. Yerli denied any troubled development with "Ryse," saying it was no different from other Crytek-developed game like "Crysis" or "Far Cry." Earlier, Yerli stressed "Ryse" received great promotion and IP awareness, following its Xbox One release.

Yerli was then asked about the rumor of "Ryse 2," a proposed sequel for the Xbox One, was cancelled over dispute with publisher Microsoft on who owned the IP. Again, Yerli denied there were any trouble between Crytek and Microsoft. He explained Crytek is not "100 percent" happy with current Xbox One sales and is waiting for the userbase to grow. "Ryse," however, is not an Xbox exclusive series and a sequel could theoretically be released by another publisher for another system like the PlayStation 4. When Yerli was pressed on this, he said focus and attention are preventing the company from doing just that.

I'm not saying it's not going to happen. Look, Ryse was maybe not the best rated game, but what we achieved for launch was a great foundation for us to build up. I know there are a lot of gamers who are contacting me through different channels who want to see Ryse 2. There is a lot of positive feedback. We're considering it. But at this point there is nothing official I can talk about.

A PC version of "Ryse: Son of Rome" was recently announced and will include all the DLC featured in the Xbox One special edition. The game will be available for PC, digitally and physically, this fall. A slideshow of "Ryse" for the PC is available to view.

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