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Ryland Whittington: Family's love for transgender boy, a 7 y/o girl's struggle

Ryland Whittington is the name of a brave little youngster who was born into this world as a girl, but knew she was a boy — and was supported through this struggle as a transgender child by his loving family. The now seven-year-old kid was originally born as a beautiful baby girl to Jeff and Hillary Whittington of San Diego, California, and is now a proud and happy little boy. The Inquisitr provides a series of updated points on this trending, heartwarming headline this Saturday, May 31, and why the Whittington family wants their story shared to act as a symbol of inspiration and hope to others.

Ryland Whittington, a transgender girl to boy story
Twitter Photo File, (Tellal)

Just like good parents should, Ryland Whittington’s family knew that their baby was a special child. However, they soon learned that he truly was extraordinary, and that little Ryland would soon teach them about the importance of struggle, a family’s endurance, and unconditional love. Shortly after her birth, Ryland was diagnosed with major hearing issues, and underwent surgery at the young age of just one to get hearing implants.

However, the little girl’s loss of hearing made speaking difficult for her, and her talking abilities were severely delayed for a time. Happy as the Whittington family was to finally hear their daughter speak when she at last did, a few of her first words of choice were certainly something … unexpected.

“I am a boy,” said Ryland Whittington.

Her proud and loving parents were understandably puzzled. After all, shares the New York Daily News today in their inside scoop, they had done everything that most families do for their little girls. Ever since she was a child, they tried to make her “feel” normal and special, despite her hearing problems. They gave her lovely dresses and feminine outfits, showed her culturally girly activities, and had her bedroom awash in purple and pink. However, Ryland said that she was, in fact, a he.

Over time, the Whittington’s soon realized that this was no phrase. Their little girl, little Ryland, was a boy on the inside, and needed their help. Although they tried to initially dismiss it, they admit, they realized that they needed to support their soon-to-be transgender daughter and love her for who she was. After all, she began to say worrying phrases like:

“When the family dies, I will cut my hair so I could be a boy,” and “Why did God make me like this?”

The family soon began reading and researching what transgender issues actually consisted of, and contacted a number of health experts on the matter. In what seemed like a very short time, they learned that their little girl was truly their little boy, even if her physical body didn’t match it at the time. So doing what all loving family members should, they supported their child — and wanted her to be happy.

Soon, the understanding parents bought Ryland Whittington what she needed to make her look like a boy, and began treating her as if she was a boy. They cut away the child’s longish hair into a shorter, cropped haircut, introduced her to boy’s clothes, and soon called Ryland he, not she. A few of their friends were less than supportive at first, but the proud family has now become an icon to love one another unconditionally, regardless of one being transgender, gay, different backgrounds, etc. This is truly one success story about a family’s love for their child, and what they did to make their child happy.

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