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Ryanair: Europeans dream or nightmare?

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Every traveller in the world would love to save some money on airfare.

Since 1985, the low cost Irish company Ryanair served European passengers with the most competitive airfare.

Even if people were a little bit concerned about security measures at the beginning, more travelers are choosing the low cost company.

Starting from local flights in the UK, the company expanded its business all around Europe and started offering connections between the main European countries.

What made Ryanair one of the most used airplane companies in Europe is its policy of low prices.

Flying from London to Paris can cost as low as €1, if the ticket is booked at the right time, typically two months in advance.

The exchange rate on the dollar is currently 0.761 Euro.

According to a Skytrax rank, a company that annually reviews plane companies based on quality analysis of front-line standards, Ryanair products and services are currently rated with two stars. The maximum rate is five stars.

Services that achieved the best standards onboard are condition of cabin interior, seat comfort, and standard of safety display.

The lowest rate goes to inflight entertainment options, quality consistency amongst staff, and intrusion of cabin sales service.

Even if some travelers can be disappointed about services on board, Ryanair continues to be the leading budget airline in Europe and flies to more than 160 destinations in 27 countries.

Ryanair remains a nightmare for frequent flyers and a dream for low cost travelers.


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