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Ryan Reaves to EA Sports: ‘Somebody's f*!?in' up’

Ryan Reaves to EA Sports: ‘Somebody's f*!?in' up’

It may have taken close to a year, but St. Louis Blues forward Ryan Reaves is not a fan of his “NHL 14” character model- at all.

Tweeting a side-by-side comparison of himself on the ice and his virtual character in “NHL 14” on Monday, Reaves voiced “Somebody's f*!?in' up.”

It’s obvious Reaves’ video game alter-ego was flubbed. The Winnipeg-native, known for his gritty style of play, resembles former New York Ranger Manny Malholtra a bit, but for some reason, the caramel-skinned hockey player is more a shade of Wesley Snipes and Montreal Canadiens star D-man PK Subban in the video game.

In Reaves/ defense, he’s not a rookie who snuck into the game. A four-year vet with the Blues, Reaves has spent seven seasons in the organization and had 131 games of NHL experience before the release of “NHL 14.” Although not a goal scorer by any means, with just 11 goals in 194 games, His 407 career penalty minutes and 217 hits last season, good for 17th in the NHL, make him an important part of the Blues team.

In the end, Reaves’ former and current teammates made a joke of the mistake. Former Blues forward Chris Stewart said the “NHL 14” character looked more like Dave Chapelle’s “Prince,” which earned a response from Reaves that he used to have “tightest curls in the league.”

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