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Ryan Murphy says he thinks American Horror Story's Misty is asexual

Ryan Murphy said she believed that Zoe, her character on FX's American Horror Story, might be asexual. The actress made this revelation in an interview she gave to Entertainment Weekly. The Asexual Awareness Week organization quickly reposted this information on its Tumblr.

American television shows prefer ambiguous sexualities for their least sexual characters. As the shows progress, writers often choose to place such characcters in relationships.

Although many aces want to see an asexual character there are few options. They can choose from a character in Shortland Street or a character from ABC's Huge. Misty becomes the third confirmed asexual television character. Ryan Murphy is one of the show's writers, and his statement constitutes an official declaration.

American Horror Story has had LGBT characters i n previous seasons. The second season, which took place in a Catholic asylum, included a lesbian character. Season three, which does not follow the events of the previous seasons, revolves around a New Orleans witch’s coven.

Despite an increase in the number of positive portrayals of LGBT characters on television, asexuals are conspicuously absent. GLAAD monitors the portrayal of gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender individuals in media, but it does not deal with asexual issues.

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