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Ryan Lavery and Madison North---zero chemistry

Ever the gentleman Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison) has been getting to know the lovely Madison North (Stephanie Gatschet) . With her history of both parental and spousal abuse, Madison suffers from a very damaged sel-esteem. Ryan has spent months becoming acquainted with Madison, building on her trust, until finally this week they ended up tearing each other's clothes off (after Ryan experienced a dizzy spell) and they making love on the living room couch.

Ryan's post coital words were, "That was worth waiting for," but the problem is, it wasn't. There is absolutely no chemistry between Ryan and Madison.

To make the scene even more painful to watch, a knock at the door by Greenlee Smythe Hayward (Rebecca Budig) interrupted the mismatched Lavery and North. Although Ryan appeared to be annoyed at Greenlee for barging in without calling first (his cell phone was turned off, Greens pointed out) there is no denying the electricity charged between AMC's super couple. Quite simply, the magic is still there and Ryan is only fooling himself to think that there may be a future for him with Madison.

What's more, the petite blond knows it. As soon as the powerful Greenlee appeared at the door, Madison crumpled, grabbed her clothes off the floor, and scampered away to get dressed. When Madison returned to the scene, Greenlee asserted herself and pointed out that Madison had misbuttoned her blouse. Like a child, the hapless Madison struggled to rebutton herself.

In that one line, we see the difference between the willful Greenlee and the damaged Madison. Instead of standing her ground by taking her place near Ryan, Madison slinked out the door like a wounded animal.

Although Ryan is tryinig to protect himself from the poison arrows that Greenlee can shoot with her acid tongue by pretending to be in love with Madison, he is going to end up hurting Madison deeply, although that is not his intent. Rkyan and Greenlee will find their way back to each other eventually, and the sad Ms. North will find herself very much out in the cold.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    i totally agree and there is no kind of chemistry between Madison and Ryan!! Please stop the pain and get him back with Greenlee!!!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    yea, i remembering muting the channel because Madison and Ryan don't make a couple.
    Sorry!! Rylee Always!!

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