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Ryan Getzlaf suffering from nasal sinus fractures, Anaheim continues to fight

In a very unfortunate play, Anaheim captain Ryan Getzlaf took a puck to the face, causing a few nasal sinus fractures.  After CT scans and other various tests, it was explained that there was no dislocation of the bones meaning surgery is not necessary. 

Earlier this morning, Getzlaf spoke to the media about the injury explaining that he is relieved that the healing time is just 4-6 weeks which is less than the recovery if surgery was needed.  The fractures broke in such a way that the bones are not very close to his eyes or brain, thus the risks are limited and surgery is not needed.  In short, Anaheim can breathe a sigh of relief because their captain is out for a shorter length of time than he expected. 

It's somewhat odd, however this is the second Anaheim injury to come at the hand or stick of Shane Doan of the Phoenix Coyotes.  Earlier this season, Doan sent Cam Fowler into the boards breaking the rookie's noes, and now it was a shot off Doan's stick that caused Getzlaf his facial fractures.

Despite losing their captain just two games ago, Anaheim has still fought to hold onto their precarious 6th seat in the Western Conference.  Currently riding a three-game win streak, two games without Getzlaf, and Anaheim is hoping to ride this momentum to as long of a winning streak as possible.

So as long as both alternates, Koivu and Selanne, step up as leaders of the team, and secondary scoring continues to produce, Anaheim should have at least a solid chance to continue this string of W's. 


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