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Ryan Edwards' girlfriend is not pregnant, despite his tweet announcement

'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Shelby Woods
'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Shelby Woods
Shelby Woods/Twitter

Ryan Edwards announced on Twitter last night that his girlfriend, Shelby Woods, had just found out that she was pregnant. Although the tweet included a few typos, the Twitterverse was immediately sent into a tizzy over the exciting baby news.

However, the pair now claims that the tweet was just a joke.

"For those of you who believe @ryancedwards tweet about me being pregnant, don't," Shelby wrote on Twitter on April 4. "It's a joke, like haha funny."

In response, Ryan confirmed the news, claiming it was an "April Fool's" joke.

Currently, Ryan and Shelby are filming with MTV for their upcoming, yet-to-be confirmed, "Teen Mom" project. Last week, Ryan posted a photo on Twitter which showed the inside of his vehicle, all wired up with cameras to capture his on-the-road conversations.

While the nature of the series is unclear, there have been reports claiming that the footage will serve as a fifth season of the show.

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