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Ryan Edwards finds "new love" after Shelby Woods split

Ryan Edwards and his former girlfriend, Shelby Woods.
Ryan Edwards and his former girlfriend, Shelby Woods.
Ryan Edwards/Instagram

Ryan Edwards is single and ready to mingle following a weekend breakup with Shelby Woods, who he began dating in August of last year.

After the split, the former Teen Mom dad took to Twitter where he told fans that he was feeling great as a single man and denied having cheated, as Shelby had claimed.

Now, days later, Ryan is moving on with a new crush.

“Why are you so beautiful?” Ryan asked on Instagram on Feb. 23, along with a photo of model Diana Dahlgren posing in a sexy work outfit. Also with the photo, he added the hash tag, "My new love.”

Although Diana isn’t someone that Ryan could have a real relationship with, at least she doesn’t appear to be, he is clearly making a stand, letting everyone know that he is done with Shelby and ready to move on.

Still, with the breakup so fresh, moving on now may be too soon. Hopefully, he doesn’t jump into something that he could later regret. After all, rebound romances hardly ever work.

Meanwhile, Shelby appears to be pretty broken up over the heartbreak, and despite Ryan saying that he didn't cheat, she seems to be convinced of otherwise, and even told a fan that she wouldn't be surprised if he cheated on her more than once.

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