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Ryan Edwards admits to wrongdoings, pleads for Shelby Woods to take him back

'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards and his former girlfriend Shelby Woods
'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards and his former girlfriend Shelby Woods
Ryan Edwards/Instagram

Ryan Edwards and his girlfriend Shelby Woods, who he had been dating since summer 2013, broke up over the weekend, and after the split, a Twitter feud ensued. However, now that Ryan has had time time to reflect, he has admitted to his wrongdoings and is trying to win Shelby back.

“I just wanted to apologize for the things I said on tweeter out of anger,” Ryan tweeted to Shelby, according to a Feb. 27 Wetpaint Entertainment report. “I just wanna let you know that I think your amazing girl shelby. I love you like crazy I regret the disrespectful stuff i did.”

And he didn’t stop there.

Ryan, who was accused of cheating on his girlfriend, continued to plea for forgiveness, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Shelby is planning to take him back.

“I hope you can forgive me bc you mean so much to me,” Ryan continued. “An btw no one is as beautiful an you when you wear your freckles.”

In response, Shelby tweeted back to Ryan, saying, “Please don’t take this personal but you ain’t s**t, and you weren’t special til I made ya so. I don’t need you.”

Ouch. It sounds like Shelby’s mind is made up, and who can blame her? Although he didn’t exactly come out and say, “I cheated,” Ryan seems to have admitted doing something of the sort, and if he did, Shelby deserves better.

These two really had something good going. It’s a shame that it ended so badly.

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