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Ryan Buell apologizes for scamming fans and uses health problems as an excuse

Ryan Buell finally apologizes after allegedly no-showing to events and scamming his fans
Ryan Buell finally apologizes after allegedly no-showing to events and scamming his fans
Photos courtesy of Facebook via Ryan Buell

Former "Paranormal State" television personality Ryan Buell announced earlier on his Facebook page today that he was canceling the "Conversations with the Dead" lecture tour. Buell's second announcement today was an apology to his angry fans informing them that health issues are the reason for all of the cancellations.

Buell was supposed to appear in Massachusetts tonight to begin his lecture tour but it seemed that he really had no intention to because he never left his home in North Carolina. According to sources, Buell has been posting bogus events all year but he never actually books the venues. The lecture tour originally was planned for the spring and psychic Chip Coffey was on board but after he backed out, Buell canceled the tour. The tour was later rescheduled for this summer and this time Buell's fellow "Paranormal State" cast-mate Michelle Belanger was featured to speak alongside him but she backed out when the heat from the scamming accusations started to pile up.

The tour was supposed to kick off at the Footlight Club in Jamaica Plain but Buell's partner Sergey Poberezhny announced on his Facebook page that the event was canceled. According to a representative from the club, Buell never booked or paid for the event. In fact, Buell hasn't paid for any of the venues he scheduled to appear at this year.

"Nobody has returned my emails and the theater has not received the contract and the deposit check so as far as we're concerned the event is canceled," Footlight Club representative Jesse Martin said in an email regarding the event that was supposed to take place tonight in the Boston area.

At least Buell won't be accepting money for bogus events anytime soon. He sent Poberezhny to do some damage control in regards to the scams.

Dear PRS events attendees,

Director Ryan Buell has previously communicated with ticket purchasers for the “Conversations with the Dead” lectures. Although Ryan and PRS had high hopes of putting on this series, we are unable to do so. The lecture series is being canceled.

So there is no misunderstanding, no one from PRS received any monies from Paypal related to “Conversations with the Dead;” Paypal was used as the payment method to fund this lecture series. Paypal will be taking responsibility to assure that each purchaser receives a full refund upon their ticket. We regret the disappointments and hurt feelings that arose from the postponement and eventual cancellation of this event. We looked forward to it, but circumstances beyond PRS’ control affected our efforts to put on the series.

Given the recent setbacks related to “Conversations with the Dead,” PRS will not be scheduling any appearances in the immediate future. We hope that these circumstances change sooner rather than later. PRS also intends to honor those commitments relating to online courses which have been put on hold. Also, PRS intends to continue with the Bureau, although we are not scheduling any events in the near future.

We appreciate the patience most of you have shown, and we acknowledge that PRS has been lax in staying in contact with you concerning the cancellation and postponement of events. We hope to do better in the future.

Thank you,


It appears that Poberezhny's apology wasn't enough. Fans insisted on hearing amends from Buell himself. He eventually came out of hiding and attempted to show remorse by making an excuse, claiming health issues were at fault.

Dear Friends,

I am deeply sorry to have disappointed you. It breaks my heart, and I apologize most sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to complete the tour. However, in addition to the PayPal issues, unexpected serious medical issues arose repeatedly, complicating things in ways that you cannot imagine.

I am an extremely private person and I did not want to come forward with my medical issues.

We need time and space right now to recover and regroup. We will be offline for a while…

Please pray for us. Thank you for your forgiveness, understanding and compassion.

Humbly yours,
Ryan Buell

Buell still blames Paypal and claims that he hasn't received any money. One angry fan didn't buy Buell's excuse and responded by posting a nude photo of him.

"Please tell everyone once more how much of a private person you are. So private that you tell your story to people and share half nude pics on Facebook, but you are a private person. You are sadly, a YOUNG man who has let money and notoriety go to your head and in the midst of a drug addiction, you take people for granted thinking you can do no wrong with your fans. Well young man, you were wrong, you screwed too many of your loyal fans, and now people see you for who you really are. All the intelligent people, not the adolescent fan girls and boys. You have single-handedly destroyed your rep, but at the very least the people who used to work with you have had the good sense to get away from you and your fraudulent deeds. If you are sick or as sick as you say you are, then God help you, judgment day is coming. And if you are as sick as you make it seem, then you should have had the good sense to NOT continue to schedule these tours. Money is not the most important thing in life, stop taking it from people who used to think of you as a decent person," one of Buell's former fans wrote on his Facebook page.

Buell's fans seem to be sick of PRS and all of the "Buellsh**" and they want their money back. Hopefully Buell mans up, stops blaming cancer, and starts paying back the six-figure amount in refunds he owes.

Former 'Paranormal State' star Ryan Buell accused of ripping off fans

To file a report, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre can be reached toll-free at 1-888-495-8501 or a report can be submitted online through a form on their website. Additionally the United States Federal Trade Commission can be reached at 1-877-FTC-HELP or a report can be filed online via their website. To contact fraud investigators at the Wake County Sheriff's Office in Raleigh, North Carolina, call 919-856-6900 and ask to be connected to someone in the Fraud Unit.

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