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Ryan Aderréy contemplates "What if?" with his debut album

If Ryan Aderréy's debut album What if was a movie, this promising singer-songwriter would be the self-assured lead character that possesses maturity, quiet confidence, leadership and, most of all, real talent. Adderey would be the first to tell you that while he has had some fantastic opportunities, he was also able to recognize them and grab the prospects by the horns. Aderréy in emerging on to the national music scene with amazing songwriting chops, two terrific producers to shepherd him and the enthusiasm to win over even the most jaded music lover.

Ryan Aderréy is a rising star on Hot A/C Radio
photo courtesy of Ryan Aderréy, used by permission

His first single, A Miracle, My Love is being played on Top 40 and Hot A/C Radio nationwide & rising on the charts, currently #35 on Billboard Top 40. In addition, Aderréy is the #3 Most Active Indie Artist. His EP What If was released on April 8, 2014.

Aderréy celebrates this latest accomplishment with a pair of live performances. The first one is at Los Angeles' best acoustic venue, Genghis Cohen, on June 12. The second show will be at the House of Blues on June 14. Both shows are at 8 p.m. Click on the link to purchase tickets for the House of Blues show.

Aderréy has much to be proud of with the release of What If. While he can’t choose a favorite, there are several songs that have strong meaning to him such as What Ifs & Broken Promises. Says Aderréy, “That song came together fast. I really love this track and think people will gravitate toward it.”

Another memorable songwriting journey for him came from Without Hope, based on a friend of Aderréy’s who grew up in an abusive household. The emotional chorus – “when you step to the edge of the light/to the darkness of the unknown/when you have no choice but to fight/you learn to fly where nobody’s ever flown” - gives way to a song that’s ultimately about hope and being able to leave the past behind.

The current single, A Miracle My Love is a very personal song for Aderréy: “This is a love song about someone who comes along and turns your life around. You may have thought you had nothing going for you, you meet this person, and it becomes a miracle to your life. My mind set has been totally turned around by the right person.” Check out the lyric video.

Don't miss the opportunity to catch this rising star at Genghis Cohen on June 12 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door. Come early and feast on the outstanding cuisine that has made Genghis Cohen one of Los Angeles' favorite places to eat and catch the latest musical stars.

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